Friday, February 7, 2014

Sisterly Love

Since Tyler and Jacob are in school all day now, the girls have plenty of time to themselves. They fight, of course, but for the most part they get along and play great together.
They are constantly snuggling each other and its hard not to appreciate them and their relationship when they do so.  Whether it is watching a movie, reading a book, or playing pretend, they are fantastic sisters.

Not only do lily and Alyssa get along, Alyssa is absolutely adored by all her siblings. Everyone seems to want time with Alyssa.

Needless to say, she is a very loved member of the family and we, each and every one of us, spoil her to no end.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sweet Treats

While I haven't been blogging much, I have still been making treats every once in a while. These are some cute cupcakes I made for book club one night.
This was Randy's birthday cake

I made Lemon pudding cake cupcakes with lemon frosting and raspberries on top for my Dad on his birthday. I made chocolate pudding cake cupcakes with chocolate frosting for my brother in law Robby on my Dad's birthday. They turned out pretty good and everyone seemed to enjoy the taste as well.

For Tyler's birthday, he was very specific. he wanted a chocolate bunt cake with chocolate frosting and no embellishments.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


 We have really enjoyed having Amanda come visit us fairly often. One of my favorite days of the entire year was in early December when she came to visit. Randy was out of town and I was totally burned out. Amanda was kind enough to watch  Alyssa for me (after she literally just walked through our door) while I took the older three to go see the movie Frozen. It was wonderful to just sit and watch the movie with no baby to attend to. What made the evening even better happened after I arrived home. We came home to a homemade meal! Amanda had made Chili from scratch along with cornbread and a salad! It tasted so good. Not only did I get a much needed break, but to walk in and find dinner hot and on the table was beyond anything I would've imagined. I almost burst into tears I was so grateful.
 Not only is she helpful and amazing, The kids ADORE her! When asked who their favorite aunt is, they reply with a very enthusiastic "Amanda!" Really, what's not to like, she is smart, she is fun, she takes the time to interact with them individually and their mom is happier with someone to chat with all the time!

 While Amanda was here, we had a rather large snowstorm and we ended up missing my brother Ben's basketball game opting instead to attend my ward Christmas party instead. It was snowing pretty hard and the road was covered with snow. Although our church building is about a half a mile away, we were unable to make it up the hill in my van. Unfortunately, it took us nearly 30 minutes to make it back up the 1/4 mile to my house and another 15-20 minutes to get up my driveway! We only got up the driveway because Amanda drove the car and I pushed it from behind. It was so crazy. I had felt very much alone before she came to visit and I was so thankful Amanda was there to help me laugh through the troublesome moments instead of cry. She is a blessing indeed. 
Thanks Amanda for being a good friend and an awesome sister-in-law! I'm excited for your next visit.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Tyler Earned his Bear

 These pictures from my phone aren't that great. Tyler was very excited to earn his bear before he turned 10. He actually had it completed a few months before his birthday, but his leaders were unable to get him his awards until December.  Here he is reading his 'cheer.'

He pinned my pin onto me, but refused to give me a kiss in front of everyone. Surprise surprise!
 He is quite the scout. His leaders constantly rave about how wonderful he is. There have been many days where he comes to me holding his scout book and says "I want to pass of this and this and this today." I never have to push him to complete anything, he has the desire all on his own. He is wonderful.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Mini Garage Makeover Project

One of the things I didn't like about our new house is that we don't have a mudroom/space to put backpacks, boots, snow stuff, etc. Since we mostly go through the garage and not the front door, I decided I would like to create a space to put all of the kids stuff. I took down some hooks and moved a dilapidated bookshelf, painted the wall and put up these little "cubbies" we found at IKEA. There is a bin at the top for their treasures, a hook for a backpack, a hook for a coat and a bin at the bottom for their shoes and boots. I put a little chair in the middle so there is somewhere to sit while you put on your boots. Plus I love the little half circle rugs I found as well.

That same week, Randy and I purchased a new freezer for the garage. I LOVE it! The refrigerator that came with the house is built in and has a tiny freezer. I could scarcely buy anything to keep in the freezer.  It is so nice to have.
 I used my Cricut to cut vinyl letter so I could attach their names onto each cubby. I hadn't ever cut vinyl before, but even though I messed it up by cutting all the way through the backing, it still worked out great! Aren't their little names awesome!
 Lily wanted to help me show them off.
I swear I took some 'before' photos, but I can't seem to find them. Oh well. These are right by the entry to the house from the garage.

Friday, November 1, 2013

House Parties!

 I was lucky enough to win not one but TWO house parties this summer. We invited some neighbor friends as well as my sister and my friend Adrienne and her kids from Tooele.

 We had a "Lego Duplo" house party and a Hasbro "Chasin Cheeky" party as well.

The party packs came with lots of snacks, games, coupons, and boxes of Legos! We had an amazing time. We were thankful to have made a few friends to invite as well.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

"Crazy Cat Lady."

We had a fun Halloween this year. We were invited to my sister-in-law Kristi's house. She throws a great party filled with a ton of fun games, great food, treats and good company. It was a 
"Harry Potter" party so our family dressed accordingly. I went as Hermione when she drinks the poly-juice potion and accidentally turns into a cat. 

The funniest part was actually on the way to the party. I had a ton of people looking at me in the car on the way down. I actually saw someone do a double take as we passed them on the freeway, a minute later, they pulled up to pass our van and took a picture of me with their cell phone! It was bizarre. I'm sure they thought likewise.

I did look kind of freaky.

Tyler was Harry and Jake was Dumbledore

Randy was halfway between a horse and a human. Alyssa was Tonk's baby.With pink hair of course.
 Jake's was my favorite!

I helped in Jacob's class for Halloween and it was a lot of fun. They all looked adorable.

 Here they are watching the magician who came to the party.
 Lily was Rapunzel for Halloween and she really wanted me to braid her hair just like they do in Tangled. I did my best
 On Halloween evening, Jacob decided to be Harry instead of Dumbledore because it would be easier to walk around the neighborhood.
 Alyssa was dressed as an elephant. I asked her to get her shoes so we could go and she grabbed Lily's tutu and begged in her baby way to have me put it on her. She looked so stinking cute. I'm glad she added a feminine touch to her costume. We received a lot of compliments about her cute elephant ballerina costume.

 Lily's hair with flowers

Alyssa showing me her Halloween shirt