Friday, April 11, 2014

Fighting over daddy

 These girls of ours sure love their daddy. So much so that they fight over who gets to sit with him. Can you blame them though? He's pretty cute.  I may just kick them both off and snuggle with him myself.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Alssa, my cutie pie

 We've been enjoying the nice weather. Alyssa likes having a nice big yard to play in.
 Lily and Alyssa enjoying playing outside together.
 practicing your balance is so important!
 we have a chocolate lover in our midst.

 she looks pretty cute in my apron as well.
 I'm loving this wonderful girl. She is so much fun to be around. Everything she does is cute and I'm surprised how the kids still argue over who gets to do things for their little sister. Don't you want to kiss those little dimples?!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fools!

 I tried to trick the kids today by getting an old toilet paper roll wet and crumpling it up to look like poop. I put it on the couch and waited.
The kids found it, but it didn't really phase them! I was so surprised. They said it looked like poop, but they didn't think it was gross or weird or anything! oh well, better luck next year.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

UVU WAC Tournament. Vegas Baby!

Randy and I went to Vegas to watch Ben play in the WAC tournament. We had an absolute blast. We got to hangout with my parents, Ali and Ben and our best friends Melissa and Mike.
Here we are at the first game of the tournament.We won!
 We get a bit loud and goofy....especially without the kids around. Thanks aunt Kristi and Michelle for watching them!

 When Ben wasn't playing, we had fun wandering around the strip. Here is a very cool chocolate fountain we stumbled upon.

 Here we are up in the space needle. I really really hated being up that high. I didn't even want to back up to take a picture. Did you know it moves and shakes all the time. I could feel it and I thought I might die. Randy loved it and he and Melissa rode the rides on top while Mike and I, squeamish as we were, stayed put on the couches and waited for them to be done. we are babies.

 Melissa and Mike. They make everything fun!
 Melissa and I taking a goofy selfie.
 One day, with my parents and Ali, we went on a gondola ride in the venetian hotel. It was fun, but it almost put me to sleep.
 Ali and Ben on the other side of the Gondola with randy and I
 After the ride, My Dad was really sick so we all waited for Randy to walk to the car to come back and pick us all up. While waiting, we found the UVU green man group playing on the street. They were awesome and had a pretty good crowd.

While it was a fun trip full of laughs and good company, it was disappointing game wise. I won't elaborate, but lets just say the reffing was bad, our own fans weren't cheering, and maybe Randy got escorted out of the building by a security guard for throwing a T-shirt on the floor in anger and frustration. Emotions were high, and we ended up losing on the second round. It's too bad because we had a really good chance to make it to the NCAA tournament. Oh well. It was still worth the trip.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Lily!

Whew, it feels like all I've been doing lately is making birthday cakes and planning birthday parties! Just because Lily is the last of the three birthdays all together doesn't mean that she should miss out though. She had a 'Tangled' party with a bunch of her little friends. At first, she wanted a Tangled and Frozen party. I talked her into just a Rapunzel theme instead.
She really wanted rings in her cupcakes, so that made it easy for me. I just frosted them and put in the rings. Easy peasy.
 Lily was in Love with them.
 The party table.

 The girls painted little tangled cards,
 played pin the pan on Flynn Ryder,

 and opened presents.
 We played music like we did with Jacob's party and passed around the gifts until the music stopped. Then lily opened the gift in her hand.

 She received many gifts and loved them all. I think she liked the attention the most. We sang happy birthday and ate cake and ice cream and pizza. Lily loves pizza.

 Let me tell you, these girls albeit cute are CRAZY. It was one of the silliest parties I have ever been to.

I found it pretty funny that Lily was so excited for her party. She wore her tangled dress and wanted her long hair down. Unfortunately, she fell asleep on her bed just minutes before the party started. I had to wake her up to greet her friends and she was a bit cranky. Her hair was a mess as well and I had no more time to fix it up . Oh well.

Lily is an amazing girl. She is sassy, dramatic, girly, goofy little princess. She is stubborn, just like her mama and she is really hard to deal with sometimes (just like her mama was). My mother is probably so glad that I got a little one just as difficult as I was. haha. She is sweet and sassy and we wouldn't be complete without her in our family. Happy birthday little Lily!