Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I was running errands today and seemingly everyone was giving me either odd glances or "knowing smiles." I checked my zipper...up. I checked my odd eyeliner smudges (like last time). I went to three stores and at the third store, I finally solved the question "why is everyone looking at me that way?" I glanced at Jacob, who in his two-year-old way gave me a cheesy smile right back. To me it wasn't all that odd or uncommon, but to everyone else, It may seem strange that my boy is wearing boots a few sizes too big, a huge winter coat and blue swimming goggles, either over his eyes or resting tightly on his forehead. Let's just say I pick my battles. "Que Sera Sera"

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just Thinking...

I know, I know "It's about time!" Anyway, I was watching Lily today and I am amazed at that little girl. She NEVER stops moving. As such a busy baby, she gets into a lot of stuff. Her favorite drawer is in the kitchen and it is filled with plastic kids cups, plates and silverware (mostly from Ikea). She is usually at my feet yelling into cups like they are megaphones while I make our family meals. She also stands all the time now. If she isn't crawling, she is standing. She can reach on top of chairs, filing cabinet and computer desk for interesting looking "toys" which usually turn out to be something she shouldn't be playing with. I am constantly pulling tiny things out of her mouth. It is a wonder she hasn't chocked on anything yet. I vacuum often, but these brothers of hers leave trails of tiny things wherever they go. luckily she has good brothers that pull items out of her mouth if they see she has something hazardous. that being said. When I say "No!" Lily does not hesitate to talk back to me. My scalding is followed most often by an angry "Ahhhh" or "Ugghhh" letting me know that she does not like being told what to do. Speaking of talking, one of the things she does is hand me something and then reach for it back. When she gives me something, I say "Thank you!" and lately, when I give it back to her, she says "Tan" which I assume means thanks or Thank you. She has done this repeatedly, so I don't think it is a fluke. She also jibber-jabbers constantly. She says "Yyyyyaaaaayy" and claps her hands now. She is a talker that one. Such is the life of having a girl I suppose. I also love that she gives kisses. If I am holding her and not paying attention to her, she leans forward, tilts her head, smiles and plants a kiss on my lips. Then she laughs. What a little sweetheart. I love this girl so much.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Park Pics

We were getting a little stir crazy today so I bought the kids ice cream and headed to the park. It was only 40 degrees outside but we had a good time. Lily, who normally smiles anytime you take out the camera, was very stone-faced. she gave me no smiles, but she wasn't unhappy either. The only time she smiled is when I was swinging her on the swing. and she was giggling . Even when she watched her brothers on the swing she giggled. It was cute, but of course of the hundreds of pictures I took, I didn't get one of her laughing.

Here are my favorite pictures

Good times.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Disgustingly Curious Dolphin

There is this dolphin I know. We'll call him Gus. Gus is made out of squishy plastic. He is made for squirting and bath-time fun. Gus came into our home as a Christmas gift for Lily from her Grandma Aird. Not only has Lily loved Gus, but Tyler and Jacob have not been shy to suggest Gus join them in their baths as well. A few days ago, I noticed that Gus was missing. I didn't think much of it, well..because bath toys seem to get lost in the toy box downstairs sometimes. Don't ask me how they get there. Anyway, around the same time Gus went missing, our toilet became clogged. I assumed these two facts were unrelated. I plunged the toilet with our plunger that looks like this:

After the aforementioned plunging, the toiled was still clogged. So I plunged again, this time even harder. It was fruitless. Or should I say..drain-less. I decided to give up after a while and wait for Randy to get home and take a look at it. I put the plunger into our bathtub to clean it out and disinfect it. When I tipped it upside down I noticed that Gus's friend "Clyde" (the crab) was inside the plunger. Huh...Interesting. The poor crab didn't know what he got himself into. Ha. Still, I didn't think much of it. Jake must have gotten a hold of them and put the crab inside.

Our toilet has been clogged or barely draining for about a week. Randy bought a snake thing at the store, but didn't really pull anything out. Today Randy decided to pull the whole toilet off of the floor. When he did, he found Gus hiding in the pipe.Now, I don't know Gus' side of the story, I'm sure he has an amazing adventure to tell his new "friends" in the garbage. I'm sure it is scary, funny and certainly gross. All the aspects of a good story. Maybe he watched "Nemo" and knew all drains lead to the ocean and thought that's where he belonged. Who knows. Well, I have a feeling someone knows...

But they aren't talking.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's Filling Up

This post is for you Amberly
Most days Lily has something in her hair. Whether it be a bow, clip, headband, ponytail, or just food from her last meal. I went to a "girls day" at my mom's house and my sisters and I had fun making flowers and bows to clip into each of our little girls' hair. I noticed when I got home and put the new additions onto her board that it is filling up.
I love making these for lily, it is so much fun. aren't they so cute! My new favorite that I made at girls day was this BYU bow.
Since I bought the whole spool of BYU ribbon and don't really have much use for the rest of it, I made my sister-in-law Amber some matching bows for her two girls as well. (she is the only other BYU fan I know of that would use them) If you want one let me know.
FYI, the bows I make are tiny compared to the bows my friends make. If you look at the giant flowers at the top of the board, you will see the size most of them make. (I made those with my achievement day girls) It is such a weird trend here right now. I absolutely hate the giant bow/giant flower look. Sorry if I offended any of you, I just don't like that the focal point is the flower not the child. little girls, not just babies wear them too. here are some examples I found on google:
Oh look! There's a baby under that flower!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Not Gonna Happen

We have decided that we are not going to Spain the first week of February like we had planned. This is due to a lack of enthusiasm from potential babysitters and general inconvenience. We hope we will still be able to make this trip in the future. I promise you Randy, we will visit where you served your mission someday! So instead of staying here next month, we are probably going to get one of these (or something similar)
I will post pictures once it is purchased.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tyler says...

Tyler sneezed yesterday and I said "Bless you'
Tyler:"It is hard to sneeze with your eyes open"
Me:"I heard it is impossible to do it"
Tyler:"well, then Heavenly Father can do it. Does Heavenly Father sneeze?"
Me: "Uh...I don't know. Maybe our Heavenly Mother knows"
Tyler:"I bet if he needed to he could do it with his eyes open. I don't think there is a Heavenly Mother."
Me:"Why not? You have a Mother and a Father, so why wouldn't you have a Heavenly Father AND a Heavenly Mother?
Tyler:"Because that would mean she is a girl, I will ask dad, I bet he will say there's just a father."

What do you think that is that supposed to mean?

Side note: This boy is as un-photogenic as it gets. He looks so cute so you pull out the camera and you tell him to smile and he makes the weirdest faces. He squints his eyes and gets this odd smile on his face. It is so hard to get a natural looking Tyler. That is, when he actually lets me take a picture of him instead of just running away.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Kissing Cousins

Well, they aren't cousins, but here is Lily giving a slobbery kiss to her brother Jakey.
I love it.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Camera!

We got our new camera yesterday and it was hard to wait 3 hours for the battery to charge before I could play with it. Here are some photos of last night and this morning. (I'm still getting used to the different modes to shoot with so bear with me; some may be blurry)This is how excited I am!

this is how excited Randy is

so cute

Monday, January 11, 2010

Fun Facts

Some random stories:

A couple of days ago Tyler gave me a "nudy hug" (He is just wearing underwear). He thinks it is hilarious to hug someone when you aren't wearing clothes. After the hug, he proceeded to tell me that "I'm going to give you nudy hugs when I'm a MAN!" and then rolled on the floor laughing. I of course informed him that if he does, I will not refrain from slapping a MAN.

Jacob has been a little pill/sweetheart lately. I don't know weather to beat him or cuddle him. Which seems to be the case with most two-year-old kids. He drives me crazy. But then he will hug me and say things like "I want you to hold me forever mom." and it melts my heart. He has also been hugging me and then giving me a kiss and saying "I wike you mom, I wike you a lot! I even wuve you!" oh that boy!

Lily is getting closer to walking. She pulls up to standing on anything, can stand without holding onto something, and has taken two steps without falling. She sure is taking her time though. She loves to walk while I hold her hands. I thought I would get a video of her crawling since I don't have very many of those. She does climb the stairs now as well. She has the same attitude and lets us know when she isn't very happy about something. She says 'Mama" all the time especially when she is sad or tired. I love this girl so much.

sorry the videos are so dark. We should get our new camera this week. (we bought the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T90) we plan on getting an SLR in a couple of years.

Jake has been singing "Happy Birthday" for a few days now. He doesn't usually sing very much so it has been fun for me.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Boys will be boys

Apparently this is what boys do. I'm a girl so I guess I just don't understand.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dream Disruptions

Pretty much every night that I don't sleep well, I hear Randy talking in his sleep. When I am lucid enough, it is hilarious. It does make me wonder though, If he does it every night and I just "miss the show" while I am in my own dreamland.
I have copious amounts of material to make you laugh and laugh at the antics I have seen/heard. I don't disclose all of them, mostly just the really funny stories. Here is a run of the mill sleep story from the other night.

I was awakened by Jacob around 1:00 AM who insisted on disrupting my sleep for at least an hour before he went back into his bed. (He wanted to watch a movie.) When I finally did make it back to my own bed, Randy had migrated to the center of the bed. As I slid into my side, I brushed his foot with my foot and he jumped up saying "I don't like that! It is not a good hole! I don't like that hole" he then preceded to get out of bed and walk to the light switch. (Now, I have been a victim of him turning on the light before, so this time I was prepared.) I put my hands over my eyes and said "Don't turn on the light." I peeked through my fingers and looked at him. His body language suggested he was threatening me with the light. He was mumbling and I couldn't make out exactly what he said. I heard "Doug" a lot though and I finally realized he wasn't talking so much about a person named Doug as he was a hole that was "dug." Then he gave me some attitude and flipped on the light for a second and turned it back off. he got into bed and repeated "I don't like that hole" and went back to sleep. I guess next time I should be more careful where I put my foot. I suppose he knows, even in his sleep, I don't like the light turned on.

Monday, January 4, 2010

I Don't Get It

Randy and I saw Avatar in 3D on Saturday night. I really liked the movie. It was very predictable but I still really enjoyed it. It was fun to see a movie in the theater. I haven't done that with Randy for a long time. I was shocked however, that it cost us 11 dollars a ticket to see it. I guess it has been a while since I have paid for a movie theater ticket. Also, I don't understand why I saw so many kids at the theater (especially for this movie). It was late and there were tons of kids waiting for the next showing of Avatar at 9:00. It is a 3 hour movie for goodness sake. Maybe the parents thought the kids would fall asleep or something, but I wouldn't want to pay $7.50 for my kid to fall asleep during a movie when they could fall asleep at home at a decent bed-time. A babysitter doesn't cost as much as a movie ticket. But this bodes another question for me. Why exactly is it that my ticket costs $11 while kids and seniors are $7.50? Do we not see the same movie? Do we not take up the same amount of space? Why can't we just have a flat rate of $9.25 per person? Any person? I just don't get it. Feel free to enlighten me.

side note: I think I may have been married too long. As I was pre-selecting our seats online, I found that we could sit together in the front or diagonally from each other in the middle. I chose diagonally. I would rather sit close but not next to my husband in a "good seat" for a 3 hour movie then cuddle up next to him close to the screen. I have a feeling I may have chosen differently had we just recently been married or dating.

Friday, January 1, 2010

When I grow up

As we were driving into SLC a couple of days ago,
Tyler said: "You know what I want to be when I grow up?"
Me: "An army guy?" (his usual)
Tyler:"Nope, I want to be a cash register."
Me: "You want to be a cashier?
Tyler: "Yeah, you know why I want to be that?"
Me: "No, why?"
Tyler:"Because it is easy."

Underachiever here we come.
Jake on the other hand still maintains he wants to be a doctor.