Friday, May 20, 2011

Dental oddity

We took the kiddos to the dentist yesterday for a family check up. Fortunately for all of us, we are each cavity free! Unfortunately, we found out some interesting things about Tyler's mouth/teeth. I'll start by saying that it is ridiculous when they try to get him to bite down on the things to take the x-rays. He can't do it. He gags, coughs, and spits. Tyler is seven and until yesterday we have been unable to take an x-ray of his teeth because of these problems. Luckily, our dentist has the dental x-ray scanner thingy that just rotates around your head. Tyler was able to do this.
It looks something like this:
When Dr. Stobbe came into the room, he just stared at Ty's x-ray for a while without saying a word. Then, he said "This is something I have never seen before. Well, Tyler has a LOT of interesting things going on here." he then proceeded to tell me about Tyler's top row of teeth pointing things out on the x-ray image. For some reason the front permanent tooth is coming in diagonally. Then, his lateral incisor on the opposite side looks rather large. But on the other lateral incisor looks abnormally small. Dr. Stobbe is hoping that the small tooth is just sideways, but it could be a peg tooth (peg lateral).
This is an example of a peg tooth. It is kinda small and "peg" shaped.

Great. So then, after talking about treatments for things that may or may not happen with this odd top row, he says "OK, so on to the bottom teeth, which are REALLY weird." I'm thinking "Oh great, that's not all?!" He points out on the x-ray that we can see all the permanent teeth below his baby teeth. Yeah, I got that. Then, he shows me that underneath his central incisors on the bottom row, Tyler doesn't have any permanent teeth underneath the baby teeth. So now I know why he hasn't lost the two teeth everyone loses first. He doesn't have any permanent teeth to replace them! Dr. Stobbe said he has never seen this before. I know that it is relatively common to have missing permanent teeth. It is the fact that it is the front teeth and both of them that makes it unusual. He talked to me about how long baby teeth can last and that they may or may not last into adulthood, but that they will look abnormally small compared to all his other teeth (which they already do). BUT, that around 18 when all his other teeth are in, we can pull them and or put in some implants. I bet you can hear the super enthusiastic "wonderful" in my head. Sigh, well, he then asked if I have any questions. I looked at him and said "Nope, no questions I just need to start saving my money huh." he laughed and said that yes, Tyler would need some work done for sure. The funny thing was as Dr. Stobbe was talking to me, Tyler was oblivious to everything staring up at the TV. Dr. Stobbe kept saying things like "Now THIS is weird, I, uh, mean "special." He was constantly saying this and that was weird and then substituting the word "weird" for "special" and then looking down at Tyler to see if he heard. He makes me laugh. So now, we play a wait and see game until we can actually do something to correct the problems.

I, for one, TOTALLY blame Randy's side of the family for this one. ;)
I know a couple of you may be interested in seeing the x-ray. Here is a scanned copy of Tyler's x-ray printout we asked for. (He has lost 3 baby teeth his bottom lateral incisors and his front right tooth.)

FYI, by hour two and a half at the dentist, it was finally my turn. Dr. Stobbe told me "You are the last patient of the day and you have the healthiest gums we have seen today. Yeah, that's right, all my hard work is finally paying off! Lol.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rock Rewards Program

We have an awesome yard. We have worked really hard on it for the past couple of years. Unbeknown to us, when we purchased the house and yard, we signed on for a rock rewards program. Here is how it works: every time you dig a hole in the yard, you are rewarded with a rock. Sometimes, if you are really lucky you are rewarded with two or three! I know you are jealous and are thinking "well, how big does the hole have to be to earn such a fantastic find?" Well, truth be known, the hole doesn't have to be big at all!
Starting out working in the yard, we weren't quite sure if the rock rewards program was the right thing for us. I know, I know, who wouldn't love getting FREE rocks all the time? Well, we sure didn't like the idea of breaking our backs each and every time we wanted to add a plant or shrub into our yard. But, unfortunately, once you sign on for the rock rewards program, you are in it for life...or the duration of your yard work.

If you know Randy and I, you know that we are savers. And I'm not just talking money. We have been saving our rocks for a really long time. This weekend we were finally able to put our saved rocks to some use. Most of the rocks we have been saving are around this size. Some are bigger, some are smaller, but most rewards were right about this big.Not too shabby right? Rock rewards at its best I always say! Anyway, Randy and I worked on our parking strips for two days this weekend. I planted some plants and he put down some weed barrier in the parking strips.

Here are some of the new plants I planted. I also planted 6 new plants into the parking strips.

We got 5 yards of bark and shoveled and raked it into the parking strips over the weed barrier. Then, wait for it, wait for it...we added the ROCKS! I know I know it is super exciting after all the waiting and saving. It was hard to hold onto all those rocks sometimes especially when you have so many and you feel like you wouldn't miss one or two. But saving prevailed and our patience paid off and voila! There you have it. Finished rock, bark and plant parking strips.

Here is a peak at what it looks like. I'll even give you a before and after sort of behind the scenes look. Hold on to your hats...




FYI: These are only the large rocks we have saved. We still have an emergency rock pile of the small rocks just in case. Whew, I don't know if I would feel as secure using the big rocks without having the small rocks as a back up.

Needless to say, our new motto is:"Rock rewards worked for us!" -wink and smile.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Wow, That's a Lot Of Cake!

I was asked in January if I would help make a cake for the stake Sunday school fireside on May 1st. So this past weekend I was busy busy baking and making a cake for the occasion. My friend Justin had me copy the design of the cake he used on the invitation to the event. I think it turned out pretty good.
The cake with the invitation.
The fireside was all about "how do you serve the gospel" He asked for a volunteer and asked if they wanted a piece of cake and then cut him a piece and smashed it all over the guys shirt. Then he asked for another volunteer and gave them a slice of cake on fine china with a fork and napkin. He then proceeded to ask us how we serve the gospel. Do we shove it in other peoples faces or do we hand it to them on a silver platter and wait for them to receive it?The cake.
Yes I know "the Gospel" is messed up; the more I touched it the worse it got. Yes I know that saying "the gospel is messed up" is funny in and of itself and I couldn't stifle a giggle as I typed it.
I loved the edible pearls I bought on Etsy. They are really cool. FYI the bottom layer is about 4 cake mixes and 16 inches wide. It was huge and very difficult for me to work with/carry. The bottom and top layer were french vanilla cake with almond butter-cream frosting and the middle layer was lemon cake with almond butter-cream frosting as well. I have to say, they turned out to be pretty tasty. I received many compliments on the flavor/moistness of the cake.

The front and back of the cute program for the fireside/workshop. It was wonderful and I learned a lot about teaching.
Another view of the cake.
I had my fair share of problems while I made it that's for sure. I had fondant cracking (I had to re-do two of the cakes fondant after failed attempts), I had letters peeling, swag falling off, an unsteady hand, my wrist still hurts today from all the kneading I did. I also had no place to put a cake that feeds 80 people! It also took me over 15 hours to finish the cake. That doesn't include the planning/preparing. But all in all it was an interesting experience. I am glad I had the opportunity to make it, and more importantly, I'm very glad that it is finished!