Monday, April 15, 2013

New House

It looks like we are moving to Bountiful! As of today, we are under contract for this house! It is wonderful. We are so excited. More info to come...


We put our house up for sale on April 5th (ten days ago). We felt it was the right time for our family to make a change. We have been looking for houses in the North Salt Lake/ Bountiful area. It is closer to Randy's work and a nice area to live. Not to mention, my awesome parents would be close by.

We have had 7 showings in the last week or so and no offers so far. Our price is slightly high, but we wanted to see what would happen. Everyone who comes through has good things to say. But the lack of a garage is a big deal for a lot of people (why you would go look at a house without a garage and then complain it doesn't have one, is beyond me, but whatever.) So, we are patiently waiting and trying to make grown up decisions about where we should go from here.

I took entirely too many photos (mostly for myself)
Jake in our "climbable" tree
our garden
front room

 Master bedroom
Upstairs bedroom

 upstairs hall closet

Upstairs bath
downstairs bedroom
 downstairs bedroom
Downstairs family room


 storage/laundry room
 I just like how organized it is right now so I took a bunch of photos
 downstairs hall
 downstairs bath

On the plus side, it is always nice to have documentation of my clean, organized house right? We are confident that everything is going to turn out great in our new adventure!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Lily's Hair

I've  been wanting to do a post of all the hairstyles I try on Lily. After all, I do her hair everyday (well, most days anyway). I have come up with some pretty cute styles if I do say so myself. I wanted to document my attempts for days when I can't think of anything to do with her hair.