Thursday, June 25, 2015

Call poison control...again

This kid gets ice-cream for dinner because her sister accidentally poured acetone into her eyes and face. Yeah, that happened. Poison Control probably knows me by name now. Being a mommy is a full time job!
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Sunday, June 21, 2015

OOPS I did it Again!

I May have a problem, you see, I sometimes bite off more than I can chew, project wise. You see, we had these super thorny bushes on the side of our house. They were mostly dead, and Randy asked if I could just try to trim them back to the curbing.  Being pregnant, and therefore slightly insane, I decided once I started, that I could just rip them all out. After all, that was the end goal anyway! I got started and soon realized that I was in over my head a bit. So I called my dad and asked for some help/better tools to complete the task. Next thing I know, we are both knee deep in thorns going to town ripping everything apart. By the way, these thorns were NO JOKE! We both wore TWO pairs of heavy duty gloves and the thorns still poked right through to our hands.

 Dad helping me

You can see how far over the curbing the previous owners let it grow! 

 Chain saws were required to continue the project

 I was kind of nervous to tell Randy about it. I think I led with "Um, well, you see, I did it again, I've been working all day with my dad, but there is still a lot of work for us to to and You're going to have to help. Sorry babe. Oh and by the way, they are the worst thorns known to mankind. Some sort of devil thorns."

 Randy got in on the action (like it or not) and We took countless loads to the dump. The sheer amount of bushes was unbelievable! 

 The outcome was fantastic! even though we couldn't feel our hands, legs or feet anymore from all the constant impaling going on. I had to throw away my shoes too! Crazy.

I really do have the BEST dad! Who else would help me rip out the most thorny bushes known to mankind? He's the hardest working toughest guy I know. Randy is just as amazing and I am so thankful they put up with my insane shenanigans! Thank you thank you thank you!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Jake and that HAIR!

Jake finally asked to have me cut his hair! I've been waiting and asking for a while. Whew, so glad to have it off. I do miss the curls though.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Family Reunion in Yellowstone

We had a very fun family reunion with the Aird side in Yellowstone National Park. We actually stayed in the KOA outside of west Yellowstone. We camped along with the Waters, the Evans, Ben and Eboni and the Evans. It was pretty fun for the most part. We road tripped it with the family plus Max. We weren't sure how Max would do, but he was a really good dog 98% of the time.

Here we are stopped in Idaho Falls,  ID.

 It was really pretty. Next stop, Yellowstone.

Old Faithful
 Tyler waiting for Old faithful to go off.

The kids were pretty amazed at the show. It really was fun to get together with most of us. Of course, it wasn't without drama. I won't go into details, but we lost Amberly for a while when she missed a turnoff on a hike (a long six mile hike that Spencer said was about a mile that was infested with mosquitoes that nearly killed me and I was angry). We lost her for over four hours and had a family prayer on her behalf at old Faithful. Also, some miscommunications about meals and time to meet. I was rather frustrated with a few family members by the end of the reunion.  

Tyler with some downed trees.
 Michelle, Eboni and Me
 Michelle and I setting up camp.

Michelle, Eboni, Me and Amberly
 Mom and Dad, my family and Ben and Eboni
 Me and Alyssa after the long frustrating hike. She didn't want to hike anymore, but we still had to hike all the way back to the cars.

 Checking out some bison in the parking lot.

Randy and Alyssa got the closest.

 Jake and Tyler at a hot pot
 Isaac, Winnie, Amberly, Clara, Spencer, Eboni and my dad. All gathered around the campfire.
 Boston, Savannah, Michelle, Jake, Sarah, Lily Isaac and Winnie.
 Mom and Dad
 Our campsite at night. Alyssa and lily
 Checking out a waterfall the next day.

The second day, It rained and rained. Unfortunately, water got in our tent and we spent a lot of time trying to dry things along with sleeping bags. It was cold and a bit miserable for a bit. I sat and cried in the tent while family gathered just outside my tent for a campfire. I guess that's the way pregnancy and its hormones go though!
 My morning sickness was pretty bad. After the first night camping, I (apparently) woke up Eboni in the campsite next to us with my dry heaving! Yeah, it's that bad and that loud. I didn't sleep all night because I am so big and uncomfortable, plus I was cold, plus Max was laying on my legs and I literally couldn't roll over on the cot! It was ridiculous. Anyway, I looked at Randy in the morning and I said "I need you to book a hotel room for me/us the next night. There was no way I could do the second night and not sleep again. I was exhausted and so so sick.  He was sweet and looked at hotels, but opted instead to just ask my parents if I could sleep in there camper with them for the second night.
Also, as we traveled from one site to the next, I went with some of my kids in the camper with my parents.  I told my mom about the horrible night I had and she suggested I rest in the bed in the back of the camper. I totally fell asleep even though my dad was driving fast and crazy and I rocked back and forth. You would  think with my nausea that I would've been so sick, but I am on a couple of heavy anti nausea medications and sleep was first and foremost in my mind. They parked and I slept while everyone went on a hike. It was amazing!.  When I woke, she made me a turkey sandwich and I rode with the rest of the kids on the way to the next hike.

 Max and Alyssa asleep in the car.

 Artist paint pots.
 Alyssa, Lily and Jacob in the camper

 On the way home from Yellowstone we stopped at Earthquake lake and the visitors center there. It was really cool and probably one of my favorite stops.

 Max enjoyed every time he got to get out of the car. Unfortunately Yellowstone doesn't let you take dogs to a lot of places. He could get out at earthquake lake though.
 Everyone asleep while Tyler pouts in the van.
 Another hidden gem. We stopped near Ashton ID at Mesa waterfalls there for lunch. It is June 7th, so it is  our 13th wedding anniversary!
 look at how cute we are! 13 years of marriage and baby number five on the way! Incredible. I feel about as good as I look by the way. haha.
 Max was a little restless in the car without a specific spot. He wanted his spot to be on my lap, but being pregnant AND holding the dog isn't something I wanted to do most of the way. Finally, on the last leg of the trip he found a good spot on my pillow in the center console between Randy and I.