Sunday, June 21, 2015

OOPS I did it Again!

I May have a problem, you see, I sometimes bite off more than I can chew, project wise. You see, we had these super thorny bushes on the side of our house. They were mostly dead, and Randy asked if I could just try to trim them back to the curbing.  Being pregnant, and therefore slightly insane, I decided once I started, that I could just rip them all out. After all, that was the end goal anyway! I got started and soon realized that I was in over my head a bit. So I called my dad and asked for some help/better tools to complete the task. Next thing I know, we are both knee deep in thorns going to town ripping everything apart. By the way, these thorns were NO JOKE! We both wore TWO pairs of heavy duty gloves and the thorns still poked right through to our hands.

 Dad helping me

You can see how far over the curbing the previous owners let it grow! 

 Chain saws were required to continue the project

 I was kind of nervous to tell Randy about it. I think I led with "Um, well, you see, I did it again, I've been working all day with my dad, but there is still a lot of work for us to to and You're going to have to help. Sorry babe. Oh and by the way, they are the worst thorns known to mankind. Some sort of devil thorns."

 Randy got in on the action (like it or not) and We took countless loads to the dump. The sheer amount of bushes was unbelievable! 

 The outcome was fantastic! even though we couldn't feel our hands, legs or feet anymore from all the constant impaling going on. I had to throw away my shoes too! Crazy.

I really do have the BEST dad! Who else would help me rip out the most thorny bushes known to mankind? He's the hardest working toughest guy I know. Randy is just as amazing and I am so thankful they put up with my insane shenanigans! Thank you thank you thank you!

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