Monday, July 20, 2015

Super Duper Fun and AMAZING Bremner Family Reunion and Road Trip

I took entirely too many pictures and it would take an entire novel to describe the fun we had at the Rockin R' Ranch in Antimony, UT. I will just highlight what was done by talking about the pictures themselves

Gunnar holding Alyssa and Lily. They LOVE him
 Jacob on the "bull"


Alyssa riding a horse

 Lily riding as well
 canoe ride with Paige and Kennedy
 Tomahawk throw
 Jake and Lily playing in the mud to cool off. Being hugely pregnant, it was really hot for me as well!

 Climbing and repelling

 More horseback riding

 Randy and the girls listening to the live band and dancing
Family photos
The Original Bremner Family
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The whole group
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Our little growing family
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Kristi and Karl's Family

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Steven and Micah's family
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Lisa and David's family (Qatar was on his mission)
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Heidi and Doug's family
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After the reunion, we headed with Steve's family to Bryce Canyon. They went on a big hike together, but I wasn't feeling up for it (I have still been sick this entire pregnancy) so I waited at the top. It was gorgeous! It is fun to hangout with cousins.

 We left the "Other Bremner's" at Bryce and headed out on our own little adventure
 We hiked to the bristle-cone pine trail

 We stayed the night at a hotel and headed to the petrified Forrest. We went on an amazing hike. It was a little tough for my giant pregnant self, but it was oh so worth it!

 visitors center

 we heard about a hike in the narrows that was really cool by the burr trail and decided to go try and find it.

 The girls loved the sand on the ground and the boys loved climbing the rocks.

Yes, I got in a picture and yes, you can see why I didn't want to get in the pictures! haha I  was measuring WAY big this pregancy, even while throwing up everyday. sheesh

 We played for a while then headed back on the road towards home.
It was a fantastic memorable trip and I can't wait to do it again sometime soon.