Friday, July 10, 2015


What's a better summer day activity than making slime? I don't know, but we sure had fun with the gooey stuff along with our friends the Birdsalls. 

 It was really fun and gross!

 We also decided to make homemade doughnuts to top off our slime filled day
 After all the cleanup Jacob was playing outside and he comes in crying saying "You're going to be mad at me! You're going to be so mad!" I asked him to show me his hand but he wanted to tell me what happened before he showed me his wound. He grabbed Randy's sharp pocket knife and was sharpening a stick and accidentally cut himself open. He kept saying "I hate pocket knives! I'm never going to ever use one again! they are dangerous!" through tears and sniffles, we super glued the wound and bandaged him up. I guess his pocket knife isn't as sharp as Randy's so he wasn't expecting it to cut so well. oh well, live and learn I guess.

 Jacob hating pocket knives

Kind of a crazy day, but with four kids and one on the way, these are my normal summer afternoons! 

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