Saturday, July 4, 2015

Flaming Gorge and Dinosaur National Park

Randy decided that we needed a fun trip with the family so he planned and executed an awesome one! We drove to Flaming Gorge and went swimming and cliff diving. I was surprised how high my boys dared to jump. They get it from their daddy I suppose. Randy had a crowd standing around watching him dive and that is always fun. He sure is good at entertaining people!

Cute Lily and Alyssa
 somebody next to us wasn't using their little raft so they said we could play with it. Yes, I actually got in the water for a bit! (I really don't like swimming. Like, really don't like it.)

We stayed at a hotel that night and they were all asleep super fast from all the swimming. It was great!
 The next morning we drove to Dinosaur National Park. It was over a hundred degrees and It was hard for me to be out in the heat, so I skipped the hike. Randy, Tyler, Jacob and Lily went though and they saw some pretty cool things.
 The front of the museum has a colored dinosaur that constantly changes because we really don't know what color they were when they were here. Pretty cool.

Me and the kiddos in front of the wall of dinosaur bones.
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It was a hot but fun trip together.

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Grandpa and Grandma B said...

So where are the pictures of Randy and the boys diving?