Monday, July 28, 2014

Baby's First Stitches

 Alyssa is acting her age now. She was running around the house with Lily and fell and hit her head on the corner of the wall. Here is a 'before' of her cute little forehead.
 She was actually pretty good. It's a head wound, so it bled quite a bit.  the other kids were kind of freaking out, but I stayed calm. Tyler was sweet and held the towel to her head on the way to the insta-care.
 numbed a bit and waiting to be called in to see a doctor.
 All better. She liked that she got a sticker as well as a sucker.
 Here's a close up, because I can't help myself. Five stitches later and we are good to keep playing.

Poor sweet baby girl. Feel better soon.

Monday, July 14, 2014


The joys of owning a house were painfully clear this week. Randy and I were in the basement when we noticed in the corner some water damage. The paint was peeling away from the wall, but it wasn't wet at that time. We then noticed some bowing on our upstairs floor near the dishwasher. Apparently it had been leaking for a while without our knowledge. It only leaked when the dishwasher was running which is at least once a day! ugh. Prying back the floor uncovered some mold and more water damage. I'm so glad that Randy is on top of things like this and can handle pretty much any situation.

Unfortunately, Randy had to go on a work trip to Boston and I had also thrown my back out this week. I was left with a destroyed kitchen, no dishwasher, no husband, and an inability to even pick up toys on the floor.  Randy felt awful and sent me these flowers as a reminder that he loves and cares about me and he felt bad being away when he was needed so badly. He's sweet that way.

P.s. We were able to clean up the mess and install new flooring eventually. I even got a new dishwasher!

Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July festivities

For the 4th, we were invited to Kristi's house in Provo to celebrate. The other Bremner's were still in town and Kristi also invited some relatives on the Diether side. Kristi throws amazing parties, and this one didn't disappoint. There was a scavenger hunt, tons of food, a  4th of July jeopardy game (which I was terrible at) and an amazing view of the fireworks all across the valley.
Driel, Adelaide and Lily
 Karl, Steve, Micah and two people that I don't remember.
 These tow girls were so fun to watch. They really enjoyed being with each other. Adelaide and Alyssa
 Don't you want to squish their tiny little faces. I love them.
 Hanging out eating suckers
 All the kids on the deck. We thought this would be a neat picture. It was harder than we anticipated.

 Elle hosted the game show and did a fantastic job. Really, she knows her trivia.
 enjoying the view before the fireworks start

I hope we are invited again next year. It was too much fun not to do it again. Thanks Diether family!