Friday, October 31, 2008

Visiting Papa's Work and Trick-or-Treating

We visited my Dad's office today with the kids and Trick-or-treated. Ty and Jake had a blast! Tyler especially liked being with his cousins. After we got home, Randy took the kids out Trick-or-treating around our neighborhood and they had some more fun and got a TON of candy. By the end of the night I was giving out handfuls of candy to our neighbors.
Thanks Dad, for inviting us again this year! Happy Halloween everyone.

Halloween Laugh for today

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Makes Perfect Sense

Due to the fact that someone I don't know left a comment on my blog spouting atheist propaganda, I will now be moderating the comments on my blog. I know, I know, it kinda stinks. especially for those of you who like to push my buttons through blog comments (you know who you are). Feel free to continue to respond though, it is one of my favorite things!

p.s. To those friends and family that he also posted his amputee/ 10 questions every christian should ask I am sorry he found you b/c of me.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dream Disruptions

I had an interesting night last night. I awoke to Randy mumbling in his sleep. He then passed gas and said "Oh, sorry... Excuse me." I was laughing so hard and then he said "well, it is what it is" and went back to sleep.
I also awoke to Jacob crying around 3:00am. He was really whining and saying "mama" So, since I had to go to the bathroom anyway, I went in his room to check on him. He was crying alright, but he was completely asleep. Then, while I was looking at him in his crib, Tyler (I guess wanting to join the rest of the boys) started singing in his sleep "...and down will come baby, cradle and all." Leave it to Tyler to top them all by SINGING in his sleep. I wonder if he was trying to calm Jacob or if he was in his own little dream world.

Do I live in a circus or what? I wonder why they all do it on the same nights. Do you think it was the grilled cheese sandwiches we had for dinner? (Yeah, I know, Fancy!) Or the position of the moon or what? Crazy.

Monday, October 20, 2008

A small package that made my day.

This is the package I got in the mail this afternoon
This is what was in the package
A beautiful blessing dress for my soon to come new baby girl! Made by my wonderful mother-in-law!
...and Beaded socks that are a Bremner must-have.
If I wasn't excited for her to come before, I sure am now! Gorgeous.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tis the season!

For the past few years I have painted our windows for the holidays. I have entirely too much fun doing it. I try to involve the kids, well, Ty, but I really don't want him to mess it up. I know, it is sad, but I love to do it! This year, I did give in a little and he helped me fill in places that I trusted he couldn't mess up. Anyway, here are the photos of our Halloween windows

This is our front window by the porch
This is our front side window. You can't see the witch very well b/c of the screen though.

how they look from the front.
Oh, this is our back kitchen window. It says Boo Mortensens' because they are our backyard neighbors and they are the only people who can really see the window.

This is what we do after we have been playing outside in the cold. Aren't they cute all cuddled together!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Awkward moments... to fun memories

from left to right: Me, Whitney C, Katie, Alecia and Whitney F

I had a girls night with my old college roommates on Friday. I haven't seen or talked to most of them for six years, so it was a little awkward for the first little while. you know, like when you see someone from high school while you are at the store and you pretend you don't see them when it is obvious you both saw each other. It is just weird. But, I couldn't pretend I didn't see them b/c they knew I was coming. :) It was fun going back in time though and remembering the silly things we did when we were 18/19 years old. It was fun to catch up on where their lives have gone in the past few years. all of us are married except Whitney Fowler and Two of us have had a child. I am the only one with multiple kids though. Very interesting. Anyway, I had fun getting out of the house and going to dinner with the girls. I hope to do it again soon.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Tyler Says...

I haven't written a "Tyler Says" in a long time. lately, the things he says have gotten me pretty worried about him. Here are a few examples of the questions he has had for me in the last two weeks or so.

"Mom, what happens if you swallow a piece of the rug?"

"Mom, what happens if you stick something up your nose that you were playing with and you can't get it out?"

"Mom, what happens if you swallow something and now you can't yawn?"

"Mom, what happens if you swallow two rocks? a big one and a little one?"

"Mom, what happens if you eat a part of a necklace?"

"Mom. what happens if you swallow your fingernail?"

"Mom, what happens if you swallow something and you don't know what it is?"

"Mom. how many coins do you have to swallow before you go to the doctor?"

YIKES! Needless to say, we have had some pretty interesting conversations lately. As far as I can tell, he has not swallowed anything that could actually harm him, but I guess you never know. And here I thought that I had to worry about babies sticking things in their mouth! Just when I think I don't have to worry about him because he is big enough to not do stupid things, he starts asking me questions like this.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Baby News!

Our sweet baby's profile!

We had our ultrasound today yeah! To our dismay, our little cheeto wasn't cooperating though. We got to see everything, the brain, heart, limbs etc. but every time we tried to look in between it's legs it would show us nothing! That's right, the baby's legs were crossed nearly the whole time. I was about ready to die! Seriously it was so very frustrating to want to know the sex of the baby and to have it lay there with it's legs crossed mocking you mercilessly. When the ultrasound tech was done, she said "well, every time I push on it to try and make it move, it's legs cross even tighter. But maybe when the doctor comes in to take his look, the baby will move so he can see what the sex is."

While we were waiting, (which took at least 20 min) I pushed on my belly hoping to get the baby to move around so we would be able see what it's goodies were. Luckily it worked, because when the Doc came in, the baby was moving all around! He said that it was a GIRL! I was so excited. I asked him how sure he was and he said "80-90% sure" and then right after said "yep, it's a girl." he showed us on the ultrasound, but I gotta be honest, I had no idea what he was looking at. I'm used to spread eagle boys with their privates hanging very obviously in ultrasounds. this one had what? two lines or something? Anyway, so that is our GREAT NEWS! WE ARE OFFICIALLY HAVING A GIRL! let the good times begin.

This is the view of the crossed legs that got me so frustrated.

this is a picture of her hand and arm

this is her whole body, it is hard to see, but that is her skull on the left and her foot and leg on the right.

This is the picture that shows it's a girl. it is the two tiny light lines on your left. yeah, I know, I don't see it either. but it's there!

Sorry the pictures are so blurry. I couldn't wait for Randy to scan them tomorrow at work, so I took photos of the photos with my camera. Not the best way to do it, but I wanted to blog it!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy Early Birthday Randy!

I know it isn't Randy's birthday until tomorrow, But I made me a cake for him today. I made it for him, but it isn't the cake he wants. He specifically asked for a "perfectly chocolate, chocolate cake" from the recipe off of the back of the Hershey's cocoa box. He also asked for NO frosting of any kind. So, me being the selfish person I am, wanting to decorate a birthday cake, I made one today for me to play with and I'll make his request for him tomorrow. I guess it is silly, but I was really looking forward to decorating a cake! and what is something Randy loves? BYU of course. So here are pictures of the BYU cake I made for me today. He will hopefully take it with him to work tomorrow to share with his coworkers so we don't have to eat two cakes.

By the way, it is supposed to be the new BYU logo with the cougar on the mountain and the BYU at the bottom. Don't know if you will be able to tell exactly what it is supposed to be, but I sure had fun making it.


Friday, October 3, 2008

I scream you scream we all scream for SOUR cream?

That's right. My Jacob LOVES sour cream! He would eat the whole container if I would let him. If you want to get on his good side, you should either give him chocolate or sour cream. anyway, here are a couple of videos of him enjoying his delicacy.

He is such a cutie! (Even though it makes me want to throw up)