Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Jake Lost his First Tooth!

 Jake was coming over to kiss me goodnight and while he was telling me a story he absently played with his loose tooth. He pulled it out and stopped talking and looked at it in his fingers seemingly surprised it was there. He said all matter of fact "HUH, I just pulled my tooth out." I found this hilarious. It was especially funny because Tyler would always make such a big deal about how uncomfortable he is with a loose tooth. He would want it out but be too scared to actually do it. Jake is so different than Tyler. It is fun to watch him do things a little differently.

Jake sporting his new smile

 He called grandma (my mom) right away to tell her the news. He was very excited!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Rick and Eileen Visit!

We had a great time with Rick and Eileen when they came to visit near the end of July. I didn't take a lot of pictures of their stay, but I took quite a few of us up the canyon one evening.

The kids looking for rocks, more specifically: geodes
 Lily taking off her shoes to get into the creek

 Having a blast even though we got stuck under some trees while it rained.

I asked the kids what they thought of the rain and this is their reaction.
our cute Alyssa

 Randy being a goof


 more geode hunting

 Randy reading to Alyssa before bed

Rick reading to Alyssa. Can you tell is her most favorite thing to do?
 A happy girl with her grandpa
Thanks Rick and Eileen for visiting! we had fun up the canyon, at the museum, hanging out at home, going for walks, showing you our new house and visiting Kristi's new house.

Sunday, July 28, 2013


Kids hanging out in the litter-box, ahem... I mean sandbox the previous owners left behind. don't worry, the sand is gone now.
 one thing Lily likes best about our new house is that "it came with flowers just for me!"
 Sweet Alyssa babe

 Randy won the presidents leadership award! This is no small feat. I have an amazing husband. Plus, we were taken by the company to Ruth's Chris steakhouse for the presentation. It was awesome!

 Hanging out with cousins at aunt Michelle's house. It is so fun to live closer to her!

Lily helping unpack Alyssa's shoes. What a helper!
Photo: I asked Lily to help put Alyssa's shores in the drawer. This is what I came back to. She is awesome! 
Alyssa (again) I just love her so much!
Photo: My little cutie today 
My friend Rachel came to visit and brought a piece of tooele with her. She seriously put this together herself with flowers from the field behind her house! She is so thoughtful and talented.

Photo: Look what my friend brought me today! Thanks Rachel Smith for the flowers AND the fun visit!!! 
View of the temple taken on a walk near our house
Photo: This is where we live! What a fun gorgeous evening walk.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Aird Family Reunion 2013

We had an absolute blast at the Aird family reunion this year. Dan and Amber set the bar pretty high as far as reunions go. All 29 of us went up to park city and rented a cabin for a couple of days (we were only missing one person: Ali's husband Ben who was in Afghanistan).
One day, Amber and Dan had planned a video scavenger hunt. they broke us up into four teams and it was so much fun! we had a list of things to search and take a picture of. it was hilarious to see what all the teams came up with. 

Here we are on our way to the shuttle to head into park city

Dad with Savannah and Will.
kids with "livestock" (I hope that didn't count)

 "Someone" talking on a cell phone.
 posing like a statue
 someone (Jake) in a tree
 "Someone" eating a caramel apple
 Not only did we have a scavenger hunt, Papa and Dan both gave a wonderful devotional for the two nights we were there. (Yes, that's a Christmas tree in the background. The whole cabin was decorated for Christmas. There were plenty of Christmas jokes going around the whole time we were there.)

 Listening intently

It was so fun to plan and execute a surprise baby shower for Amber while we were there. It was difficult because she had something planned for all hours of the day, but while some were playing ping pong, my mom and I sneaked away and decorated Michelle and Robby's room so Amber would be surprised. It was super hard to be sneaky while Amber was asking where I was.
I think my mom and I did pretty well considering the time constraint on disappearing without looking conspicuous.
 One of the best parts of the party was trying to figure out a reason to get Amber into the room to surprise her. I told Michelle to get her there. Michelle made up a lame story about Sarah wetting the bed and needing Amber to come help her clean it up. Nothing like getting a pregnant girl off the couch to help clean up someone's child's pee! Amber was a little upset about it, but she was a good sport when she realized what was actually going on.
Michelle and the girls
 playing the candy bar game
opening cute little baby boy presents
The boys playing pool
singing karaoke. It was so much fun
playing around the world ping pong. I kinda suck at it, but I did beat Robby at regular ping pong so I got an ego boost.
Spencer and Ben hanging out
the grand kids (not so hot) hot tubbing
This is how girls hang out in the media room
this is how boys hang out
chilling some more
Candy and Alyssa have twin hair! I actually got mixed up a few times on who was who as they ran around.
Girls hanging on a bench eating otter popshttps://sphotos-b-pao.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/1013917_10151662269338459_168078967_n.jpg 
Amberly and Spencer's Family

Michelle's family
Dan and Amber's family
Mom and Dad
Ali and her kiddos
how do you make a single person uncomfortable? take a "family picture" of just him. hahahha! I love him.
Mom and Dad with all the grandchildren. Soon to be outdated because Amber's baby is due in November and Amberly's baby is due in March.
Our family
Thanks so much Dan and Amber! I can't wait until next years reunion!