Friday, July 12, 2013

Zoo and FIreworks

 I went to the zoo with Dan and Amber and their girls as well as Ben. We had a great time, but I didn't take many pictures.

 They weren't too excited to take a picture in the eagles nest.
 For the fourth of July, we didn't do much of anything. When I asked Lily how she wanted her hair done for the fourth of July she said "I want it like a firework!" So I did this...


I know, it's hideous right?!
When I finished, I asked her if I could please take it out and start over. She said she wanted to see it first and took off running to look at it in the mirror. She came back grinning from ear to ear touting that she had the "best firework hair ever!" Oh well at least SHE liked it.
The kids asked me if I would paint their faces so I agreed. Lily wanted a flag heart with "yellow."
Jake wanted a "mask" so I painted this:
He didn't like that it didn't cover both the top and bottom of his eyes, so I finished it up like this:
He liked it much better, but I didn't like it much. oh well. They let me paint their faces, so I shouldn't complain.

 We hung-out at home and then we decided to go to the firework show in North Salt Lake.  We parked up above where the fireworks are shot off. It was a little bit uncomfortable sitting on the sidewalk, but the kids loved it.

 Chilling before hand

 Lily kept saying "ooooh a SPARKLY one!" after each firework. and also said things like "It's SO magical!" The young couple sitting behind us were laughing at our kids and the things they were saying. We ate lots of candy and had a fun (albeit a little short) time.

Happy Fourth of July!

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Grandpa and Grandma B said...

Crazy hair and great face painting!