Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday

I still absolutely adore Cyber Monday. I seriously look forward to shopping for and shipping my gifts on this day every year. I got some pretty good deals this year on gifts that I'm pretty excited about. I got 2 Pyrex pie plates for 2.99 shipped for free as well as .39 cent Christmas cards delivered and stamped for no extra cost(that is cheaper than a stamp!). Plus it feels great to have all of my Christmas shopping completely finished! BUT, it is 11pm and I have been at the computer all day long (with the exception of going to Ben's UVU game tonight) Frankly, I'm a little surprised I am still able to type anything but my name, address and credit card information. So here's to some much needed sleep.

I'm going to re-post my poem I wrote last year. It seems only fitting.

Deals deals deals that's all I can say
and with free shipping they're all on there way!
Toys and electronics flash on my screen
and with only a card they're no longer a "dream"
No traffic no crowd
no kids being loud.
I can't believe I spent all day
just looking at stuff that COULD come and stay
No dragging the kids out of the house
I do it all with the click of the mouse.
Budget don't fret; I came in just under
that's how I do it; no need to wonder
then it is over and I can calm down
I got so excited NOT going to town
My spouse can relax and call me "honey"
cause I got all our Christmas and saved lots of money

Monday, November 21, 2011

Jacob Says...

We were in the car on the way to my little brother Ben's UVU basketball game and I say to Jake "Hey, Jacob, do you know how to spell your name?"
Me:"Really? I sing the song (to the tune of BINGO) "There was a mom who loved a boy and Jacob was his name-o J A C O B, J A C O B, J A C O B and Jacob was his name-o."
He loves this and is all smiles because the song is about him.
Me:"Now can you spell your name?"
Jake:" But I can spell it backwards" he continues, "B O C A J".

I look at Randy who is driving and say "That's normal." Randy says "It probably is in YOUR family"

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The End

Well, It happened again, and I guess it isn't a surprise, but that doesn't mean that I can't be a little sad to see it end. Randy was released from primary as my team teacher on Sunday. Now I will have all 12 of those 6 and 7 year-old kids on my own every Sunday. Yikes. I asked the Primary president if she has someone to help me out and she said she was working on it, but it didn't look like I would have a team teacher for at least another couple of months (also, the baby is due in a couple of months). She offered to have one of the presidency sit with me when I need help though.

You may be wondering what Randy was called to. Well, I'm glad you asked. He has been sustained and set apart as a member of the High Council. He tends to gravitate towards callings such as this. I can't keep him in primary with me forever can I? Anyway, we are excited for him and excited to see what direction this will take our family. He is very good at managing his time so I doubt it will put too much of a strain on us. We are glad you chose to serve and we love you Randy!

Here's a picture of the kiddos on Sunday after church. None of them are looking at the camera. They were, however, all looking at their wonderful daddy.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Tyler Says...

Tyler: Mom, guess what I saw behind the climbing wall at the park."
Me: "what?"
Tyler: "Someone wrote " I had S-E-X here."' after thinking a moment, he continues.."I don't even know how that is possible!!"
Me (clearing my throat): "What do you mean?"
Tyler "How can someone even write on that wall? I don't know how you would do it!"

Whew. Dodged a curve-ball there.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We went trick or treating on main street with some friends and had a great time! The candy was a lot better than it has been in years past. Before we left, I made the kids hold still so I could get a couple pictures of them.
All three kids looking at the camera at the same time!!Jake showing me his muscles. that's his tough face.
Little Ladybug Lily

Tyler said I could take one photo. Well, actually I said he couldn't go unless he let me take one picture of him. This is what I got.
Trick or treating with friends on main street. Jake with his friend Chanse.
My little lady bug showing me all her candy.This is what Jake looks like when I tell him "NO MORE CANDY till after dinner."
Checking out the spoils of trick or treating on Main street.
When Randy got home from work, he put on his costume and headed out trick or treating around the neighborhood with the kids. They were so excited to go with Daddy (who has been out of town for the past week).
He asked Lily for a kiss. She laughed and tried her best. :)
I'm glad we had a fun Halloween day it was warm and a nice 55-60 degrees, today we woke to about an inch of snow! Crazy!