Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We went trick or treating on main street with some friends and had a great time! The candy was a lot better than it has been in years past. Before we left, I made the kids hold still so I could get a couple pictures of them.
All three kids looking at the camera at the same time!!Jake showing me his muscles. that's his tough face.
Little Ladybug Lily

Tyler said I could take one photo. Well, actually I said he couldn't go unless he let me take one picture of him. This is what I got.
Trick or treating with friends on main street. Jake with his friend Chanse.
My little lady bug showing me all her candy.This is what Jake looks like when I tell him "NO MORE CANDY till after dinner."
Checking out the spoils of trick or treating on Main street.
When Randy got home from work, he put on his costume and headed out trick or treating around the neighborhood with the kids. They were so excited to go with Daddy (who has been out of town for the past week).
He asked Lily for a kiss. She laughed and tried her best. :)
I'm glad we had a fun Halloween day it was warm and a nice 55-60 degrees, today we woke to about an inch of snow! Crazy!


katester said...

Looks like a good time. The kiddos look so cute and excited!

Lisa said...

I can send you the book The Entitlement Trap when I get around to the Post Office again it would be when I mail Christmas packages so early December. thanks

Heather said...

Thanks Lisa! you are the best!

Tami said...

Missed seeing you guys on our street!lol the costumes were great!