Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trunk or Treat

We had two trunk-or-treats to go to this weekend. On Friday, we headed to the drive in theater with a few of our friends for the charter school trunk or treat. They had quite a few people. It probably took us a good hour to get to all the cars. Afterward, they showed Kung Fu Panda 2 for us to watch from our cars. I had never been to a drive in movie before, so that was fun. It was 40 degrees outside, so it was a little cold, but we had a good time. When the movie was almost over, my car battery died, so we had to find someone to jump it for me. Thank you to the nice man who helped us out!!
It started at 6PM so we picked up a pizza on the way. Here are my little ninja and ladybug enjoying dinner before the trunk or treat.
Two ninjas and a ladybug
My friend Melissa's kids

Lily is ready to get to some candy collecting.
She wasn't too happy about having her picture taken
My Jakey had the same costume as a lot of other boys. I kept losing track of him in the sea of the skeleton ninjas
Tyler let me take ONE photo

All of the kids in the back of my van ready to watch the movie
Candy, costumes, a movie and friends! It's a PARTY!OK, so on Saturday, we had our ward trunk or treat. Not many people usually come to that, so I don't normally dress up, but the mood was right so I gave it a go. I actually won the "scariest costume award!" (my very first Halloween costume award). My kiddos wouldn't let me take pictures of them two days in a row, so I took some of myself just for fun.

I guess I am a spider witch? I just had some fun with makeup and spiders. I tried to get Ty to take a full body shot because I wore my spiffy red and white striped stockings, but each attempt failed and he soon lost interest.

striped socks

Can't wait for actual Halloween night tomorrow!!


Michelle said...

Your makeup looks awesome! Too bad your kids won't let you do makeup on them since you are so good at it and my kids (who all need makeup this year) got stuck with me doing it instead of you!!

Grandpa and Grandma B said...

You are a very scary looking spider witch, the spiders are what make you look scary but then the eyes do help also, I hope our new little girl isn't scared for life by feeling the "vibes" of her scary mother!!!

Happy Halloween have a scary good time!!!

Amanda said...

That little lady bug is oh, so cute!

katester said...

You look awesome! Kids are pretty cute too. Love the little lady bug!

Jane said...

I'm glad you like to dress up...I never did. Your makeup is awesome. The kids look awesome as well.