Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jehovah Witness Haunting

I may be crazy, but when my doorbell rang this morning, I answered it. As I opened the door an old man in a black wool coat with white hair wearing a black hat stood before me. He was dressed nicely and smiled politely. He was a Jehovah's witness passing along information about the creator. Not so imposing right? Well, as he talked to me all I could think was "Man, this guy is creeping me out!" When I politely declined his efforts to teach me, he left. As soon as he left I locked the doors. It took me a minute, but I soon realized why he freaked me out. He looked eerily similar to the man who haunted my nightmares growing up. The preacher guy on poltergeist.
Yep, that guy!
Oh, just looking at the photos gives me the shivers. He terrified me as a child (and apparently as an adult too).

I love scary movies, but poltergeist was one of the only movies that truly scared me. the ring, no problem, poltergeist... creepy! That includes the little girl.
Maybe the JW was out haunting before Halloween just to mess with people. It sure worked on me!


A Close Family said...

That is funny! I never saw the movie, but I can see why it'd be so creepy. Great story :).

Lindsey said...

I looked at that photo and it gave me chills!!! Remember how freaked he made us?!?! But then we had the moment where the kids braces attack him in the bathroom to bring us back...CREEEEEPY!

Joan said...

Movies don't scare me either, but I think that Poltergeist is the scariest one I have ever seen.