Friday, October 21, 2011

Tyler Says...

At breakfast this morning:
Tyler (reading the cereal box): " These Cheerios only have 2 grams of protein." pause,
"Wow! It has 120 calories!" pause again while he reads on.."Uh... I don't see any box tops on this box mom; It doesn't seem like this is worth buying.

Later, I'm eating a banana with some peanut butter on it. Tyler says "Mom, why are you eating peanut butter on a banana for breakfast?"
Me: "Because I need a little protein this morning"
Tyler: "Oh, well, you should probably know that peanut butter has so much sugar in it that it isn't worth eating for protein."
--thanks Ty; the crazy health freak.

Tyler is slightly weird about eating all things healthy, well, not eating all things healthy, but rather knowing whether or not they are actually healthy. He determines how healthy they are by how much protein the item has. He has decided that if it has a certain amount of protein, then it is worth eating because it will therefore give him large muscles. He rarely cares how much fat or carbs or calories food has.
The other day I was sitting down to lunch just Lily and I and she said "Mom? Dis have protein?" SERIOUSLY!!!


Grandpa and Grandma B said...

It is good he is conscious of what he eats but where is he getting all of this? Ezekiel use to worry about being fat or someone thinking he was fat and he grew out of it, no pun intended, they must hear about things of that nature at school!

Stephanie said...

LOL! What a smart, analytical kid.