Tuesday, October 11, 2011

DIY Halloween decor

I love Halloween. It is so much fun. Yesterday and today I worked on a couple of decorations for our Halloween festivities this month.

I made these apothecary jars to keep on my piano and change each season. I painted letters and filled the jars
I think they turned out pretty cute. The fit perfectly on our piano.

I also worked on my most favorite thing as far as decorating goes. I painted our windows like I do every year. you can see some past years on this link. I decided I would change things up a bit and try my hand at silhouettes this time.

I painted some witches
And I painted a tree with birds on it. (We love the tiny spider too.)
There you have it. Our little festive albeit not so scary Halloween house.

P.S. Tyler informed me that he really loved my witches, but that I shouldn't have painted a tree. Because "a tree is not very Halloween-ee." Sigh, I guess I can't please everyone. :)


Grandpa and Grandma B said...

Look great even with the tree

katester said...

I love the tree! What do kids know anyways;-) Great job!

Amber said...

The jars look awesome. Good job. I'm excited to see what you put in them for each season.
And your window painting is sweet. I'm just happy you stuck a bird on the tree--that makes it better (have you seen that SNL skit? Put a bird on it?)

Lisa said...

love it all come live at my house and do all those cute things here? Okay?

Nikki S said...

Wow. Those windows are truly impressive! What did you use? I need to fly you out here and get you to teach me!

Heather said...

Thanks everyone!
I used regular black acrylic paint but added dish soap to it so it will come off easily at the end of the month.

Michelle said...

You are amazing! (like we didn't already know that) and you can't please Ty ever so it doesn't even matter. Your windows look awesome!

Cormorant said...

I LOVE the silhouettes! Come paint my windows anytime. :) And all the other Halloween stuff is super cute too--you crafty prego, you!

Clayton and Amber said...

I LOVE THEM and the post below! Can you come decorate my house too?! So cute. I wish we lived next door so I could have a friend to help me with all my crafty cravings :)

Michelle said...

Sounds like Me, Amber and you all need to move to the same neighborhood. Fun stuff Heather, I love the windows.