Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday

I still absolutely adore Cyber Monday. I seriously look forward to shopping for and shipping my gifts on this day every year. I got some pretty good deals this year on gifts that I'm pretty excited about. I got 2 Pyrex pie plates for 2.99 shipped for free as well as .39 cent Christmas cards delivered and stamped for no extra cost(that is cheaper than a stamp!). Plus it feels great to have all of my Christmas shopping completely finished! BUT, it is 11pm and I have been at the computer all day long (with the exception of going to Ben's UVU game tonight) Frankly, I'm a little surprised I am still able to type anything but my name, address and credit card information. So here's to some much needed sleep.

I'm going to re-post my poem I wrote last year. It seems only fitting.

Deals deals deals that's all I can say
and with free shipping they're all on there way!
Toys and electronics flash on my screen
and with only a card they're no longer a "dream"
No traffic no crowd
no kids being loud.
I can't believe I spent all day
just looking at stuff that COULD come and stay
No dragging the kids out of the house
I do it all with the click of the mouse.
Budget don't fret; I came in just under
that's how I do it; no need to wonder
then it is over and I can calm down
I got so excited NOT going to town
My spouse can relax and call me "honey"
cause I got all our Christmas and saved lots of money

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Michelle said...

I love that poem and I got some pretty sweet deals too!