Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lily Says...

Lily sits on Santa's lap and he says "What's your name?" She proudly shouts "Lily!" Santa then says "And what would you like for Christmas?" Lily says (in the same proud voice): "A GUN!...a PINK one!" I know she looks like me, but obviously this proves she is her father's daughter.

side note: apparently, I can't write "Santa's" without it being misspelled. So here are the options that come up when I try to fix the spelling error.
I'm sure I meant to say "Satan's lap" or any of the other options. hahaha

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katester said...

You gotta love what they come up with! last year Sienna told EVERYONE she wanted a dog tug toy and she wasnt lying either. This year she wants a kite. A little better..ha!