Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day

On Christmas morning Randy and I go up at about 6AM to get ready for church. After we were ready we woke up the kids and had them open a present Santa had left by their beds. After that, we got them dressed in their church clothes and then they opened/looked at their stuffed stockings.

The kids clothes laid out ready for them to get ready for church.
The Christmas tree after Santa came
The kids checking out their stockings
Excited childrenWe rushed out the door about 7:15 and headed to Bountiful to attend my parents ward where President Eyring spoke in Sacrament meeting. My parents sang in the ward choir and their meeting had one other speaker besides President Eyring. He gave a wonderful talk. He talked about the spirit he felt there and that he hoped we would all remember what we felt. He talked about remembering Christ when we take the sacrament, he talked about Mary and Jesus and serving others. He got really emotional throughout a lot of his talk and he spoke for about an hour. My kids had had enough of sacrament meeting after the hour was up, but for me, it was still wonderful to hear him speak; no matter the length.

After Sacrament meeting, we headed back to my parents house and mom started fixing food for us to eat for lunch. I needed to rest, so Lily and I took a nap together. When I woke, Michelle's family had arrived so we were ready to eat. Again, Randy was a sweetheart and put everything I needed for my salad together and then my mom made it for me while I slept. We had a great lunch with my parents, my sister Michelle and her family, Ali and her family and Ben. It was really yummy and I was sad I couldn't eat more of it. (I tend to fill up really fast now that the baby is getting bigger.) After lunch, we decided to open presents. It was fun to see what all the siblings got for the family they were assigned. Ben had our family and he gave us a Kinect sports game which we will have fun playing. My parents shocked us all when we opened our presents from them and we saw we had each received a kindle fire! Unfortunately for me, Randy had already given me that gift for Christmas and I had opened it a few days earlier. Still, it was awesome to see every one's faces when we opened the gift. The kids opened their presents from my parents and of course they loved those as well. I neglected to take my camera out of the car, so I don't have any photos of us at my parents house.

When we got home from my parents, it was about 5PM and we decided it was high time to open our presents under the tree. We gave/received so many things. It was magical for the kids and they yelled "Thank you Santa!" after they opened presents even if the tag said it was from us. Christmas is so much fun. I love watching the kids open the presents I get them and Randy as well. It is truly much more fun to give than to receive.

The kids opening presents

They each got Disney booksLily got a new jacket from Grandma Bremner
Tyler with some books from Grandma Bremner

Randy's brother's family gave us a Wingers gift card. Yum!Lily the girly girl of course got a princess dress up set.
She opened it right away and opened the rest of her presents this way.
Jake was overly excited about opening the CARS 2 X-box game. Yes, this is his excited face, although to me it sort of looks like a crazy I want to kill you kind of face. It makes me laugh.
Jake opening his large present
It was a giant helicopter with guys and guns and everything!
Tyler loved his "long Nerf gun" it was what he had been asking for since September.
After a long day of fun, food and present opening, this is how I found Lily in her room around 7:30 PM. That's my silly girl.


Heidi said...

Roxie and Zoey have the same jacket. Grandma Bremner fell in love with that jacket.
I agree Christmas is so much fun with little ones around.

Rothco Military said...
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Grandpa and Grandma B said...

What a great Christmas day for all of you! Love Lily's way to end the day.