Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Birthday Baptism

Our pre-baptism pictures. I took them myself and yes, they are a little bit cheesy.The baptism invitation

Tyler's eighth birthday was yesterday. I can't believe I have an 8 year old son! He was lucky enough to have his baptism on the same day as his birthday (we got special permission because Randy's parents are going to Kuwait). We didn't do much during the day except prepare by getting the house and food ready for those coming over following the baptism.
The baptism itself was wonderful. Mu mother-in-law gave a short talk on baptism, then we had the baptism itself. We almost had to do it a second time because Tyler's toe came up out of the water, but it was decided that he was fully submerged before that happened. Next, My dad gave a talk about confirmation. He gave a nice object lesson to go with it. My dad also played the piano for us and did a great job. Tyler was then confirmed and I feel bad because lily was running around making trouble. I missed a lot of the blessing because I was trying to hold her and keep her away from Randy while he was giving the blessing. I whispered to her "If you want cake you need to be quiet" she then replied in a shout "I AM BEING QUIET MOM!" Sheesh.

Randy and Tyler

(side note:I usually avoid pictures of myself at 32 weeks pregnant..or any weeks pregnant, but I suppose if it is your oldest son's baptism day, you should make an exception.)
Tyler got many gifts at the baptism. Randy's parents gave him a brand new set of scriptures with his name on them, my parents gave him a new journal, the primary president gave him a bag with soap (to remind him of repentance), a compass (to remind him that the holy ghost will be his guide) it also had a picture of Christ and the faith in God booklet.
There weren't many in attendance, but both mine and Randy 's parents were there, Randy's sister Amanda came from Idaho and my sister Michelle and her four kids came. The bishop and his wife were there and so were Tyler's primary teachers and the primary president. We were asked to keep it small and simple.

After the baptism we went back to the house and had dinner of ham and potatoes with salads and cake and ice cream. I made a CTR cake. I couldn't come up.with any other good baptism cake ideas....anyway, After we ate we opened some birthday gifts. Tyler was excited to get a solar system kit, an angry bird, a new scripture case, a board game and some money. It was a great day. I am so thankful that Tyler decided to be baptized. He is such a.good example for his brother and sister. He is so good at following rules, helping others and generally making good decisions. I am thankful to have such a sweet good boy in my life. We are truly blessed to have a son like Tyler.

The cake
Tyler with the cake
You can tell I'm pregnant because I'm including a picture of the food. It was really really yummy. Thanks everyone for pitching in!
Yummy cake
Opening presents
A celebration like this calls for dancing!
Happy Birthday Tyler bug!

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Tami said...

Congratulations Tyler! What a wonderful thing you have done! And Happy birthday as well!!