Monday, December 12, 2011

Ward party and Santa

We had our Ward Christmas Party last week. Santa came and we waited in line to see him for nearly an hour. (He spent a ridiculous amount of time talking to each child.) By the time it was our turn to see Santa, nearly all the tables, chairs and dishes had been cleaned up and put away.

Well anyway, here are the photos I took of the kids with Santa.
Tyler asked for a Long Nerf gun
Jake asked for a bow and arrow and Lily of course asked for a pink gun. Her eyes are closed of course.
I thought they looked pretty cute while they talked to Santa.

I got them all together for about 4 seconds. But alas, Lily's eyes are closed once again. you can't blame me for trying can you?


Heidi said...

It could be worse Roxie and I ended up with stomach flu and had to stay home from our Christmas Ward party.
Sorry you had a bummer time.

Michelle said...

Savannah keeps begging me to take them to the mall to see Santa but I really don't want to face the mall at Christmas time with four kids. Does that make me a bad mom? I'm pretty sure they'll still get presents from Santa even if we don't visit him.

Grandpa and Grandma B said...

Wasn't that nice that Santa was able to spend such a good amount of time with each child, it makes them feel very special!

Lily is cute no matter whether her eyes are closed or not!! Can't wait to see all of you!