Sunday, July 28, 2013


Kids hanging out in the litter-box, ahem... I mean sandbox the previous owners left behind. don't worry, the sand is gone now.
 one thing Lily likes best about our new house is that "it came with flowers just for me!"
 Sweet Alyssa babe

 Randy won the presidents leadership award! This is no small feat. I have an amazing husband. Plus, we were taken by the company to Ruth's Chris steakhouse for the presentation. It was awesome!

 Hanging out with cousins at aunt Michelle's house. It is so fun to live closer to her!

Lily helping unpack Alyssa's shoes. What a helper!
Photo: I asked Lily to help put Alyssa's shores in the drawer. This is what I came back to. She is awesome! 
Alyssa (again) I just love her so much!
Photo: My little cutie today 
My friend Rachel came to visit and brought a piece of tooele with her. She seriously put this together herself with flowers from the field behind her house! She is so thoughtful and talented.

Photo: Look what my friend brought me today! Thanks Rachel Smith for the flowers AND the fun visit!!! 
View of the temple taken on a walk near our house
Photo: This is where we live! What a fun gorgeous evening walk.

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