Monday, May 2, 2011

Wow, That's a Lot Of Cake!

I was asked in January if I would help make a cake for the stake Sunday school fireside on May 1st. So this past weekend I was busy busy baking and making a cake for the occasion. My friend Justin had me copy the design of the cake he used on the invitation to the event. I think it turned out pretty good.
The cake with the invitation.
The fireside was all about "how do you serve the gospel" He asked for a volunteer and asked if they wanted a piece of cake and then cut him a piece and smashed it all over the guys shirt. Then he asked for another volunteer and gave them a slice of cake on fine china with a fork and napkin. He then proceeded to ask us how we serve the gospel. Do we shove it in other peoples faces or do we hand it to them on a silver platter and wait for them to receive it?The cake.
Yes I know "the Gospel" is messed up; the more I touched it the worse it got. Yes I know that saying "the gospel is messed up" is funny in and of itself and I couldn't stifle a giggle as I typed it.
I loved the edible pearls I bought on Etsy. They are really cool. FYI the bottom layer is about 4 cake mixes and 16 inches wide. It was huge and very difficult for me to work with/carry. The bottom and top layer were french vanilla cake with almond butter-cream frosting and the middle layer was lemon cake with almond butter-cream frosting as well. I have to say, they turned out to be pretty tasty. I received many compliments on the flavor/moistness of the cake.

The front and back of the cute program for the fireside/workshop. It was wonderful and I learned a lot about teaching.
Another view of the cake.
I had my fair share of problems while I made it that's for sure. I had fondant cracking (I had to re-do two of the cakes fondant after failed attempts), I had letters peeling, swag falling off, an unsteady hand, my wrist still hurts today from all the kneading I did. I also had no place to put a cake that feeds 80 people! It also took me over 15 hours to finish the cake. That doesn't include the planning/preparing. But all in all it was an interesting experience. I am glad I had the opportunity to make it, and more importantly, I'm very glad that it is finished!


Grandpa and Grandma B said...

As always your talent shows again. Beautiful cake and I would never known the Gospel was messed up if you hadn't told us.

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

i L O V E it!!!

the colors,
the 3 layers,
the design of it,
...i don't know what swag is,
but i'm sure i love that too :)

awesome awesome job...i want to
eat cake...right now.

you are so'd
be appalled at my inability
to decorate a cake.

Wacky Hermit said...

It was a beautiful cake. I didn't get to see it in person, but it must have been impressive because my husband remarked on it when he got home-- how it was a great tasting as well as great looking cake, how it matched the program, etc. It was all wonderfully done!

Joan said...

Better watch out....your talent is showing! :-)
Nice job!

Michelle said...

You are amazing! Seriously, it turned out so great!

Sara said...

Fifteen hours! Wow Heather, it looks beautiful.

Stephanie said...

You are such a pro! I am so impressed!! Everything looks so beautiful.