Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dream Disruptions

Pretty much every night that I don't sleep well, I hear Randy talking in his sleep. When I am lucid enough, it is hilarious. It does make me wonder though, If he does it every night and I just "miss the show" while I am in my own dreamland.
I have copious amounts of material to make you laugh and laugh at the antics I have seen/heard. I don't disclose all of them, mostly just the really funny stories. Here is a run of the mill sleep story from the other night.

I was awakened by Jacob around 1:00 AM who insisted on disrupting my sleep for at least an hour before he went back into his bed. (He wanted to watch a movie.) When I finally did make it back to my own bed, Randy had migrated to the center of the bed. As I slid into my side, I brushed his foot with my foot and he jumped up saying "I don't like that! It is not a good hole! I don't like that hole" he then preceded to get out of bed and walk to the light switch. (Now, I have been a victim of him turning on the light before, so this time I was prepared.) I put my hands over my eyes and said "Don't turn on the light." I peeked through my fingers and looked at him. His body language suggested he was threatening me with the light. He was mumbling and I couldn't make out exactly what he said. I heard "Doug" a lot though and I finally realized he wasn't talking so much about a person named Doug as he was a hole that was "dug." Then he gave me some attitude and flipped on the light for a second and turned it back off. he got into bed and repeated "I don't like that hole" and went back to sleep. I guess next time I should be more careful where I put my foot. I suppose he knows, even in his sleep, I don't like the light turned on.


TStevens said...

Lisa constantly talks in her sleep - it must be a Bremner thing. After 19 years I pretty much tune it out, but those first couple of years it would always wake me up.

Michelle said...

you should keep your video camera by your bed, you could send them in to america's funniest home videos and rake in some cash.

Grandpa and Grandma B said...

I like Michelle's idea. Even though Mom and I don't talk in our sleep it does seem to be the kids thing. Walking was always a challenge for Lisa and Heidi and it appears now be Randy's too.

Grandpa and Grandma B said...

All my kids talk in their sleep and some even walk in their sleep as you are finding out. Must be from Rick´s side!!!