Monday, January 11, 2010

Fun Facts

Some random stories:

A couple of days ago Tyler gave me a "nudy hug" (He is just wearing underwear). He thinks it is hilarious to hug someone when you aren't wearing clothes. After the hug, he proceeded to tell me that "I'm going to give you nudy hugs when I'm a MAN!" and then rolled on the floor laughing. I of course informed him that if he does, I will not refrain from slapping a MAN.

Jacob has been a little pill/sweetheart lately. I don't know weather to beat him or cuddle him. Which seems to be the case with most two-year-old kids. He drives me crazy. But then he will hug me and say things like "I want you to hold me forever mom." and it melts my heart. He has also been hugging me and then giving me a kiss and saying "I wike you mom, I wike you a lot! I even wuve you!" oh that boy!

Lily is getting closer to walking. She pulls up to standing on anything, can stand without holding onto something, and has taken two steps without falling. She sure is taking her time though. She loves to walk while I hold her hands. I thought I would get a video of her crawling since I don't have very many of those. She does climb the stairs now as well. She has the same attitude and lets us know when she isn't very happy about something. She says 'Mama" all the time especially when she is sad or tired. I love this girl so much.

sorry the videos are so dark. We should get our new camera this week. (we bought the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T90) we plan on getting an SLR in a couple of years.

Jake has been singing "Happy Birthday" for a few days now. He doesn't usually sing very much so it has been fun for me.