Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tyler says...

Tyler sneezed yesterday and I said "Bless you'
Tyler:"It is hard to sneeze with your eyes open"
Me:"I heard it is impossible to do it"
Tyler:"well, then Heavenly Father can do it. Does Heavenly Father sneeze?"
Me: "Uh...I don't know. Maybe our Heavenly Mother knows"
Tyler:"I bet if he needed to he could do it with his eyes open. I don't think there is a Heavenly Mother."
Me:"Why not? You have a Mother and a Father, so why wouldn't you have a Heavenly Father AND a Heavenly Mother?
Tyler:"Because that would mean she is a girl, I will ask dad, I bet he will say there's just a father."

What do you think that is that supposed to mean?

Side note: This boy is as un-photogenic as it gets. He looks so cute so you pull out the camera and you tell him to smile and he makes the weirdest faces. He squints his eyes and gets this odd smile on his face. It is so hard to get a natural looking Tyler. That is, when he actually lets me take a picture of him instead of just running away.


Michelle said...

I love it when they ask really random things that no one could know the answer to. It is so fun to try to come up with an answer.

Amber said...

That boy and his crazy faces. What a ham. I like that he thinks that not only is MOm wrong, but he is right and Dad will totally back him up on this. Awesome.

Michelle said...

i get the best pics of kids when i have a conversation with them. Maybe try to talking about something he likes or something goofy, rather than asking him to smile at the camera
(i think just about everyone is un~photogenic when they are asked to pose)

as for the conversation, at least you got him thinking about it, he's a smart boy.

Michelle said...

sorry i need to proof read better, actually at all :)

Clayton and Amber said...

I'm loving his picture :) I agree that my children are photo-challenged as well. :)