Sunday, February 28, 2010

Five Fun Things

Tyler decided on Friday night that the next day we should do "five fun things" and my thought was "Why not?" So on Saturday we started out on our quest to do five fun things as a family before the day was done.
First fun thing:
We went to the library. (Tim Bridgewater who is running for Senate was speaking there anyway)
We got to the Library every Thursday, but this was fun and special because it was SATURDAY.

Hanging out, reading books,waiting for dad, and playing with toysI love this cute pic of Lily and her reflection
The 2ND fun thing we did was go and play basketball in the church gym. Daddy had to go give a temple interview, so I played b-ball with the boys while Lily watched. Then Dad came a played at the end for a minute.

The 3rd fun thing was Grandma and Papa (My parents) came to visit. I think that counts as two fun things, but who am I to argue with a 6 year old about what qualifies as a "fun thing"?

the 4Th fun thing is we went bowling with Grandma and Papa. Here are some pics my dad took with his phone.
Jakey won't get off the floor. So gross.

Me and my mom

The 5Th fun thing we did was play candy land before bed. It was a long game but the boys had a great time.
Those are our five fun things for Saturday.
But my favorite fun thing was #6 when everyone got to go to bed. Ahhhh...a VERY fun thing indeed.


Micah said...

What a smart boy you have. We might just have to follow his advice next weekend as well.

katester said...

That is a very cute idea. Hopefully you can keep it going cause it sounds fun.

Grandpa and Grandma B said...

Way to go Tyler! Love all the pictures.

Nessa said...

What a great idea!

Jane said...

Thanks for letting us be part of your fun day. Happy birthday tomorrow Jakey!