Monday, March 18, 2013

Lily's 4th birthday!

 Lily woke up on the morning of March 13th and I told her "Happy birthday sweetie! Go look on the kitchen table!" she was so excited to see her presents and a balloon there waiting for her.

 Lily asked me about a week before her birthday to make her a "Belle" cake. As in Beauty and the Beast Belle. I was excited she asked for that because I had purchased a belle barbie and clothes for her birthday already. I decided to try doing this cake. Or something similar to it.
beauty and the beast cake
I was kind of disappointed that on the morning after I had already made the round cake, she asked for a Tangled cake instead. She wanted Rapunzel and Pascal on it too! I did my best on such short notice and made this for her.

She absolutely loved it too! It didn't turn out like I wanted and I was disappointed in my art skills, but because she liked it so much, it was worth it.

 opening presents
The cake with the "pretty princess candles" Lily adored the candles more than anything I think.
Happy Birthday sweet Lily bean! She is a gorgeous addition to our family. I love her smile and her dancing. She is often found singing to herself as she plays. She only sings songs she makes up herself though. She is all girl and all about sparkles, being beautiful, wearing dresses/skirts, pretty shoes, nail polish and of course she loves makeup! It doesn't get any more girly than our Lily.


Amanda said...

So many birthday posts recently! I love seeing them all.

Heidi said...

I want you to make me a birthday day! The Belle cake is beautiful but I can't believe how awesome the Tangled cake turned out!