Thursday, October 31, 2013

"Crazy Cat Lady."

We had a fun Halloween this year. We were invited to my sister-in-law Kristi's house. She throws a great party filled with a ton of fun games, great food, treats and good company. It was a 
"Harry Potter" party so our family dressed accordingly. I went as Hermione when she drinks the poly-juice potion and accidentally turns into a cat. 

The funniest part was actually on the way to the party. I had a ton of people looking at me in the car on the way down. I actually saw someone do a double take as we passed them on the freeway, a minute later, they pulled up to pass our van and took a picture of me with their cell phone! It was bizarre. I'm sure they thought likewise.

I did look kind of freaky.

Tyler was Harry and Jake was Dumbledore

Randy was halfway between a horse and a human. Alyssa was Tonk's baby.With pink hair of course.
 Jake's was my favorite!

I helped in Jacob's class for Halloween and it was a lot of fun. They all looked adorable.

 Here they are watching the magician who came to the party.
 Lily was Rapunzel for Halloween and she really wanted me to braid her hair just like they do in Tangled. I did my best
 On Halloween evening, Jacob decided to be Harry instead of Dumbledore because it would be easier to walk around the neighborhood.
 Alyssa was dressed as an elephant. I asked her to get her shoes so we could go and she grabbed Lily's tutu and begged in her baby way to have me put it on her. She looked so stinking cute. I'm glad she added a feminine touch to her costume. We received a lot of compliments about her cute elephant ballerina costume.

 Lily's hair with flowers

Alyssa showing me her Halloween shirt

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