Monday, September 20, 2010

Super Fun Saturday

My sister Ali invited us to visit her husband's family in Peoa Ut. She invited us to have lunch, ride horses and shoot some guns. My other sister Michelle and her family came as well as my Parents. We had a ton of fun with exciting things to do, good food, and good company. Ali's mother-in-law Kathy is pretty awesome too.
Tyler and his cousin Will on the horse together. They were pretty much inseparable the whole day.

Tyler and My Dad aka "Papa"

cute cowboy Tyler. He insisted he needed to wear Randy's hat.

Jake had fun too, but his face showed more trepidation then anything else.
Love this picture.

This scared me more than anything, I trust Tyler to help me with his sister, but to hold her on the horse? I was terrified.
She, of course, loved it as well.
Lily playing with Dad while we waited for the cows to be corralled.
We dropped the kids off at the Marchants house with my mom and Kathy and headed off to shoot. this is Ali's husband Ben and Randy is behind him.
The set up.
This was my very first time shooting a shotgun. before this I had only shot a 9mm. I missed the first clay pigeon, but I hit the next three in a row!! Very cool.
This is Randy showing me how to look cool. :)
I don't think I pull off the "cool" look very well. I did hit my target in this pic though.
This is the best picture, because if you click on it, you can zoom in and see the broken clay pigeon I hit falling from the sky. We also played "Annie Oakley" where you line up and if the person in front of you misses the target you shoot at it and if you hit their target, they are out. My sister Michelle got Ali out, which was surprising, and awesome. It was eventually just me and Rachel (Ben's little sister) and when she missed, I hit her disk and got her out to win the game! It was awesome. We had a great day.


bug and dude said...

we love that area. My family has a cabin close by. Looks like it was a fun time.

Joan said...

Sure looks like you had a great time and doing it with family makes it even that much more special.

Amanda said...

That last pic is awesome Heather! I would loved to go shooting! Tyler looks like he has a good grip on Lily, but I agree- scary!

Grandpa and Grandma B said...

I'll remember not to get on your wrong side.

Michelle said...

Nice work Heath, shootin' pigeons is so much fun. Lily is as cute as ever. Love the little cupcakes too. I was gonna make some of those once then chickened out. Then I figured it probably wasn't a bad thing as I'm sure I would have eaten 99% of them :)