Friday, September 3, 2010

Gateway Day

Lily, Jake and I went to the Gateway while Dan and Amber were still in town and we went to the Discovery Gateway children's museum as well as played in the fountains at the mall. the day didn't go as I had planned it would, but it was fun nonetheless. Here are pictures in random order cause I didn't feel like organizing them.

Lily the chick
Jake in an ill fitting turtle costume
Lily and Megan in a boat-Lily is dressed as a chick
Jake on horse

Dan with my kiddos
Isaac (Michelle's) and Jake
Michelle, Sarah and Me
Megan and Jake working hard building.

Brooke is helping too
Lily was being so cranky and tired I had to just strap her into the stroller. She screamed and was not happy about it.
I finally let her out to play but she was still overly cranky.

Jake lily and Megan-

she's got a look that says she's gonna destroy everything she sees using that hammer
After the museum, we headed to the fountains where the kids could play. Lily was still confined to the stroller.
Amber and I headed off to do some shopping while Michelle and Dan watched the kids for us
Jake and MeganAren't' they cute?
Isaac and Jake were playing on these rocks.
Jake climbed up to that highest rock you see. I had just gotten back and was showing Michelle my purchases.
He fell off that top rock, hit the third highest rock with his chest, then landed on his face on the cement steps hard. His nose was seriously like a faucet gushing with blood. He also had a big goose egg on his forehead.

Michelle took this picture after we stopped the bleeding-which took a long time. It was nice to have nurse Amber there to help out.
My poor baby Jakey.
For the most part he was upset because he wanted to play in the water still. I bribed him with ice-cram on the way home and he was just fine after that.
These two pictures I took at home later that day after we got him all cleaned up.

He seemed proud of his war wounds. Crazy boy.


Michelle said...

That was a fun day. I'm glad we could go. Poor Jake though.

Grandpa and Grandma B said...

Be prepared he sounds like his father's son. Randy had two broken arms by the age of 2 so you have done pretty well up until now.

Sara said...

Ouch! What a fall!

I haven't been to Gateway. It sounds like a super cool place.

katester said...

Yikes! what a bad fall. Glad you guys still had fun even though I am sure it is never that fun dealing with a cranky toddler. Still snapped some cute pics.

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

i really discovery gateway...
although sometimes
it can be so busy that's it's awful.

your poor little guy!
i'm so glad he's okay
what an awful fall.

love lily's hair
in your latest post!