Monday, August 30, 2010

First of First

Tyler had his first day of school last Tuesday. He is in first grade now! Yay for all day school. His teacher's name is Mrs. Skeen. She is very nice and we really like her already.
Tyler before school.
Tyler in his class. Randy dropped him off at school, continuing the tradition he started last year.

Tyler had to take a reading test to see what level he is at right now so they have a good idea where to start teaching. He took the test and said "Mom I think they gave me the wrong one! I think they gave me the preschool test instead; it was just too easy!" I took some pictures of the Jake and Lily while we waited for him to to take the test.

These guys are goofs. But they are cute goofs. And yes, Jacob is wearing Tyler's T-shirt. If he is wearing clothes, I don't complain about it anymore.

Funny story from Tyler's first day: Tyler came home from school and I asked him if it was fun to eat lunch at school. He had eaten a school lunch that day and I asked him what he had for lunch. He said "Well I had some sort of wrapped hot thing" I found out later it was a burrito. He told me "it was too hot to eat so I was waiting for it to cool down. But we had to go back to class before I could eat it. I ate a little bit of watermelon though!" So, I said "You didn't get to eat any of your lunch?" Ty:"well, no, I got to eat a little watermelon but don't worry tomorrow I am going to sit down fast and see if I can just taste all of my food!"

I guess 20 minutes to get your food, eat it, and and put your trash away isn't much time for my little Tyler to eat his food. Poor thing. At least now I know where kids learn to just shovel food into their mouths without tasting it. We are breeding fast eaters.

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katester said...

How is it with Tyler being gone at school all day long? Love all your pics!