Sunday, August 29, 2010

More homecoming pictures

These are pictures my Sister-in-Law Amber took of the festivities that were Ben's homecoming. They are in kind of a random order but I thought they were worth sharing.Lily eating outside on Saturday

Jacob wrestling with usual. I like how my brother Dan is laughing
Tyler wrestling with his cousin Will..I think. Maybe he is just getting body slammed.
Ben at the 'kids table.'so cute.
The cakes I made

Alonzo and Megan were very excited to eat the cakeShe got what she wanted.
The banner I drew up for my mom in about 10 minutes (that's why it looks so sloppy). Someone else colored it for her. It rained on Sunday so it looked so sad dripping colors everywhere.
Lily at the airport.
My brother Dan, his wife Amber and their Kids Megan and Brooke

Me and the kiddos at the airport.
Ali, her husband Ben and their kids Alonzo and Whitney

The group of us at the airport.
Dan and Ben. They look like brothers to me!

The whole Aird Family on Sunday. Sorry I blocked your face Randy, I tried to crouch down.

All of the female grand kids.
Brooke and Lily
Whiteny (Ali's), Sarah (michelle's), Brooke (Dan's) and Lily-who aparantly has a lot to say to her bff Brooke. These are all the babies born while Ben was gone.

Cute close up of Whitney and Sarah

Our Lily bean. I don't think she smiled for one picture. She's still cute to me though.
Brooke and Lily


Michelle said...

How did you get pics from Amber? I want copies too. What a fun weekend!

Cormorant said...

So cute! Lily is a doll. I still can't believe Ben is already home! Crazy. Your family looks like they're all doing so well--say hi for me!

Grandpa and Grandma B said...

Great indoor family shot - wish we had got that Tyler smile in our family picture.