Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Like it or not, I did it again

I wasn't going to write anything about it this time, but I figure what the heck. I taught Relief Society for the second time on Sunday. Whew, and boy am I glad it is over! I was really hoping that my brother Ben's mission homecoming would be the same day as my lesson so I could get out of it, but no such luck this time! (He comes home Saturday and reports on Sunday, if you are curious).
So, I Taught Lesson 16: The Church of Jesus Christ in Former Times. I know what you are thinking "Best lesson ever" right? yeah, it is pretty boring, albeit important and has a lot of meat to cover throughout the lesson. It talks about the 6 key features of the church and also the apostasy and restoration.
The good: I was well prepared. I write down every little thing I am supposed to say so I don't stumble or forget anything. I had a great outline -6 pages and I even drew 6 pictures of the 6 key features to put on the board to symbolize each one. Kinda cool. I didn't throw up this time! I also brought treats to keep people interested. I mean, seriously, who doesn't like a teacher who feeds you chocolate?

The not so good: I cried...again. I didn't cry as much as last time though. I only cried at the end of Sunday school and for the first few minutes of RS before my lesson started. When my friend asked if I was OK, I started crying more. So embarrassing. I was really shaking and couldn't usual. I was so worried about going over the time limit that I rushed through the lesson and ended five minutes early; which would have been great except the RS counselor conducting got up and tried to continue a "discussion" of the topic till it was time to stop. oh well. I also forgot to hand out the treats throughout the lesson. I actually didn't remember I had them till about 10 minutes after church was out. Oh well.

The great news is I don't have to teach for a whole month! YAY! Wish me luck. Maybe next time I won't cry at's hoping anyway.


Grandpa and Grandma B said...

Every time you do it it just gets better.

Lindsey said...

It'll just keep getting easier....hang in there!

katester said...

That is a great lesson, are you kidding me? Guess what my first lesson is on as new RS instructor? Any guesses??? pornography. yup,go from teaching the 4 and 5 year olds to teaching about porn. Ahhhhh!
I am proud of you for sticking it out and not turning it down.

Nessa said...

I got out of teaching this months...Cade was sick. LOVE HIM!!! :)

Stephanie said...

I just think you are so great for hanging in there! I love this story and I hope it keeps getting better for you :)