Saturday, October 30, 2010

Adult Halloween Party

We went to the annual Arnold Halloween party again this year. Randy and I decided to go as Mary Poppins and Bert. We found 90% of our costumes at the D.I. I made a parrot at the bottom of an umbrella by using paper mache and then painted it to look like a bird. I made my hat out of baskets and flowers I found at the D.I. Bert and Mary. aka Randy and Heather
The "Yup Yups" aka Tina and Ryan
Pac-Man couple aka Alison and John
Wanda the drunk and Al Lubel (from our cruise ship) aka Wendy and Joe- the host couple
Sarah and Chuck (from the TV show Chuck) aka Rachelle and Steve Yes, Rachelle was packing a real gun. Freaking awesome.
Little red riding hood and the wolf aka Evelyn and Sebastian

The avatars aka Justin and Nancy

Yeah, they pretty much blew us out of the water for best costume. I couldn't believe she made nearly everything except for the wigs (which they braided themselves) and they bought the ears. Someday Randy and I will win best costume! We did get 2 of the 14 votes though, so that says something right?The desert I made. Chocolate niece with skulls and spider webs.
I took a couple of pictures after we got home. Yes, my eyelashes are falling off at this point, and half my makeup is smudged off.

Pretty sweet though right? Randy did not want to pose for a picture at 1:00 in the morning. Go figure.

Thanks Mom and Dad for watching the kids overnight for us! Especially since our sweet Lily Bean was throwing up and so sick. We love you!

I also need to thank my awesome friend Melissa for coming over and helping me do my retarded hair and attach that blasted basket to my head. She did a great job especially considering what she had to work with. Thanks Melissa!


Amber said...

The Avatars are pretty cool and I can see why they won, HOWEVER--your costumes rocked as well. I don't think they blew you out of the water, they just rocked the boat a bit :).
The parrot is my favorite part. Sweet.

Sara said...

Cute cute cute! I totally love your costumes (although we are a bit Mary Poppins biased around here). You would have had my vote for best!

What a fun party!

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

so cute!
love your costumes.

katester said...

You all look so totally awesome! How fun! I love Halloween. Glad you guys had fun. I had fun looking at your pictures from your cruise. looks like you guys had a blast and went with a fun group.

Amber said...

How did you make that parrot?! That is awsome. You and Randy really do look great. You are so good at paying attention to EVERY detail. I love it. And yes, those Avatar costumes were unreal! Holy cow.

Cormorant said...

Avatar schmavatar. I can't believe how much u look like a young Julie Andrews! Really, all those costumes are pretty great. :)

Drew Watts said...

Wow! What a fun party. I seriously got amazing ideas for this Halloweens. I only have to look for an event venue that is scary as anything. Rest is all been taken care of. It was lovely going through this blog. I simply loved the red riding hood, the wolf and the Avatars.