Saturday, January 22, 2011

That Boy, This girl.

That boy wants to be like his brother and plays the piano all the time.
That boy continues to make this pose every single time I pull out the camera. I'm not sure what he is going for, but if it is weird, than I think he nailed it.
That boy does not want to do whatever I ask him to do no matter what it is. And I can't find his 'currency' so I can't use anything against him that he isn't willing to part with. It makes for difficult parenting situations a lot of the time. Oh, and he has one volume and it is LOUD all the time. Seriously, in the middle of the night if he has had a bad dream he comes up to me in my bed and in full voice says "MOM CAN I SLEEP WITH YOU?!?" waking the entire neighborhood I'm sure.
That being said, that boy has me wrapped around his finger. And can pull the sweet innocent card any time he feels like it and I melt.
this girl is adorable
This is what this girl looks like upside down while being tickled by her daddy.
When this girl gets upset that she can't have something she wants, she looks right at me and says the only "bad word" she knows. she says "BUM! BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM!!" because she knows I tell her and the boys not to say 'potty words' like that. Isn't she a little young for that kind of attitude?
But that girl LOVES to do whatever this boy is doing. Much to his dismay most days.
But that boy loves this girl and tolerates her presence a lot more than I would expect him to.
they both are hams for the camera and cheesy faces and props make it more fun right?
And finally, because I'm a mommy and am ingrained with the innate desire to show all my children in my blog posts, without leaving anyone out, I give you...three happy children all at the SAME time. Amazing I know, ...consider me for mother of the year would you?


Nessa said...

Love the last pic! I bribe them to take pics out here the same way! Oh, and you've got my vote for mom-of-the-year! Just rememer to vote for me under the category of The Laundry Superwoman!

Grandpa and Grandma B said...

Looks like ice cream to me but why not!

Sara said...

What a cute post!

Heidi said...

Oh I wish Roxie would say Bum when she is upset. Instead she say " I don't like you mommy. No go away." Oh how I wish for bum.

katester said...

Oh my goodness...Sienna's favorite word these days is poopoo log. Don't ask. I can't get her to stop saying it and I am not sure I have the will power to make her stop because it is too funny...and sad. ha! Kids!
love all your pics!

Cormorant said...