Sunday, January 30, 2011

Where did the weekend go?

All right, since I'm sitting here, I may as well let you know what's going on at our house. I am so so sick. I had a girls day at my sister Michelle's house on Thursday and I woke achy and slightly congested. So, I took some dayquill and headed up there anyway. At her house, I started getting chills and pretty much sat on the couch with my coat on and a blanket around me while the kids played. On the way home from her house I was trying to get to Tyler's school to pick him up and I was feverish the whole time. When we got home from the school around 4:00PM all I could do was crawl into bed and lay there. Tyler was a champ and took Lily and Jake downstairs and entertained them for me while I tried not to die. Every once in a while I would hear Tyler tell the kids to be quiet or not to go upstairs and bug mom. what a sweetheart. Randy came home from work and he felt my head and told me we were going to the insta-care to see if they could give me anything because he couldn't take work off on Friday and I was too sick. I went to the insta-care and my fever had gone down, but was still at 101.6. I felt terrible. they tested me for strep throat and the flu, but both tests came back negative. The doctor told me he had seen 4 other people that same day with my same symptoms but no positive tests. He assumed it is a virus but gave me prescription antibiotics anyway.

Friday: feeling slightly better, still achy, coughing, no fever. no energy. I literally stayed in bed all day and luckily the kids didn't kill themselves or one another, and Randy picked Ty up from school. It is kinda fuzzy and I think I just slept a lot.

Saturday: I decided to get up and shower and go to Tyler's Jr. Jazz game thinking that if I just got going I would feel better. After the game I didn't feel great though, so back to bed I went. I missed going to my brother Ben's UVU game, but Randy took the boys. Saturday night...the worst night of all of them. I had fevers, couldn't breathe and woke almost every hour through the night (even though I took NyQuil) . I split my lip sleeping with my mouth open.

Sunday: Feeling terrible still. Randy took the boys to church and I stayed home with sweet (healthy) Lily. She's cute, but I'm sick of her crawling all over me today. I'm still achy all over, even more congested, have a terrible headache and this cough is getting to me. Shouldn't I be better by now? Geeze. This thing is seriously kicking my butt. I hope the kids and Randy don't catch it. Oh, and someone broke into Randy's car last night and also into our outdoor cupboard in our car port.

Hopefully if you are reading this, your day is going much better than mine!


Grandpa and Grandma B said...

So sorry to hear you have been so sick. All three of Heidi's are sick and have ear infections. Being sick is the worst!

katester said...

I am so sorry you are not feeling well. I hope you get to feeling better soon!

Jane said...

What a way to get some time off mothering your kids! Sorry it is taking so long to go away. On the flip side, we enjoyed being with the rest of your family on Saturday and Sunday. Get well soon!

Nessa said...

Feel better!