Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another Jam packed post

 Time goes by so very quickly!! We have done a ton of things so far this summer, but I don't want to get so far behind in blogging that it gets too overwhelming. So, I'm going to another quick catch up post again.

Tyler had his graduation program on May 25th. He had a speaking part and did a great job. He even sang the songs with the rest of the kids! (he doesn't like to sing in things like this.)
 My mom came to see the program and afterwords we took the kids out to lunch. To our surprise, Tyler picked Carl's Jr.

 We also attended the air show May 27th. Long story short, we got there, we got rained on and froze. We had only been there about 15 minutes when the show was postponed because of the weather. I ran to an open hangar, but we decided we should just leave instead of hang out waiting for the weather to clear up. We ran in the pouring rain back to the car about 1/2 mile away. It was 50 degrees outside and we were completely soaked! I was carrying the baby the whole run back because her stroller seat was wet. It was so so cold! We drove to my sister Michelle's house to warm up and use her clothes dryer. She gave me pants, socks, a sweatshirt, a blanket and some hot chocolate and I was feeling much better!

Luckily the rain cleared and we were able to see the Thunderbirds like Randy wanted to. We didn't drive back into Hill Air force Base, but we parked on the road and watched the planes. The kids loved did Randy.

Randy and the kids waiting and watching

 For the summer I have decided to kick up our chores a notch. I made the kids their own list of chores to do every day before they play. They get their own white board to check off
 Every day they also have to pick an "extra chore" from the chore jar. After that, they can be done or choose to do more chores for money. I think Tyler is going to take all my money before the summer is over! (Lily is still a little young for these extra chores, but I make her pick one and then she attempts to do it and then I actually do it for her.)

 I can't have a post without a few pictures of our baby girl thrown in the mix can I?

 We have been enjoying strawberries from our garden today. They taste so much better than store bought strawberries! This bowl was gone super fast. Tyler loves them.
 Jake and lily picking from the garden.

They are so stinking cute aren't they?

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