Friday, June 15, 2012


 Randy and I have been married for TEN YEARS! That seems so crazy to me. Randy had to work in Woodland Hills California for a few days, so I decided to tag along with him to celebrate our anniversary. My mom and sister Michelle were VERY kind to take on the three older kids for me while we were away. 
We had a little tag along for our anniversary trip, but since she is the cutest, sweetest, best baby ever, I didn't mind so much.  She, of course, slept on the plane ride and was all smiles while we traveled.  We went out to dinner that night at Red Robin. Randy and Alyssa were great company.
 The next day, Randy went off to work, so Alyssa and I hung out in the hotel room at the Hilton. I think she liked all the undivided attention I gave to her. I love this girl so so much!
I actually probably would have stayed in the hotel room the entire time if I didn't have to go out to get lunch everyday. I mean, TLC, HGTV, Food network, are extremely addicting when you don't have them at home. Not to mention I had to finish a book and write a review for my sister-in-law. It was so incredibly quiet! I guess when you are surrounded by the constant noise of 4 children and their friends, quiet is hard to come by often.

on June 6th, the day before our actual anniversary, Randy took me to the Chart house restaurant in Malibu. It was right on the beach and we got a table by the window. The food was great and the ambiance amazing! We had this super yummy chocolate lava cake that had vanilla ice cream and heath bar on top. It was soooo good. I'm glad we shared it. It was so nice to go out together and reminisce about our 10 years together. 
We didn't take many photos of our trip (I forgot the camera) but I did take a couple of goofy photos at dinner.

One of the Best. Dates. Ever.
 our little third wheel was kind of sleepy. But of course she was a little angel all through dinner.
 We were waiting for our waitress to come so she could take our picture, but by the time we flagged a different waitress down, it was too dark for a good one. See those silhouettes? Yes, that's us!
I'm so glad that I chose to marry Randy. These have been the best 10 years of my life. Yes, I know I hadn't done a whole lot of living in my 19 years before I got married, but I wouldn't have it any other way.He is the best husband I could ever ask for. He is kind, considerate, smart, funny (though I still argue with him that I am the funny one) a spiritual giant, an amazing father, unselfish, loving and downright amazing in every possible way. I'm glad he makes me want to be a better person and he teaches me new things constantly. Thanks honey! I love you so much. I'm excited for an eternity of laughing, being together and loving you.


Grandpa and Grandma B said...

We are happy he found you too!

Grandpa and Grandma B said...

I agree on all of the above and you. are just the same and make beautiful babies on top of it

John said...
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dave, catie, and baby b. said...

congrats on 10 years! that's amazing.

and your sweet little baby is a mini you! melt my heart :)