Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The devil wears a Tutu

 Don't let this cute face fool you.
She is three years old.
 Sometimes she is wonderful

 sometimes she throws fits.
 Sometimes she will dance with her new class
 And she does make a beautiful ballerina,
 but today she was not having any of this "dancing stuff." She screamed and wouldn't participate. then proceeded to scream (after watching the entire class) all the way home. She ended up spending a lot of time alone in her room until she changed her attitude. You can't be a ballerina without being a little bit of a diva can you? Ah well, there's always next week. 


Amber said...

Ahahahaha. You called her the devil. Love it.

Lary said...

I know a three year old just like that. She does look super cute in a tutu though.

Lary said...

oh shoot, that was michelle

Jane said...

I love that little diva!