Tuesday, September 25, 2012

7 months

 My baby is seven months old!!! I can't believe it...again. She is the cutest sweetest little thing. She is full of smiles and giggles. She is grabbing and getting into everything now. She chokes on something new every day. no matter how much I vacuum or pick up, with three other kids running around there is always something within reach for her to put into her mouth.She looks cute with her two bottom teeth now. 

She loves to be upside down! She laughs and laughs when you hold her upside down. she can sit up on her own now as well. She still sleeps through the night (and has been for a while). I stand by my comment that she is the best baby ever!
Love you girly!


Ali said...

Happy 7 months, Alyssa! She looks like she is one of yours. I wish I could give her a big hug. I think she is the sweetest little girl too.

Michelle said...

Babies grow up too fast. She is a cutie.