Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hi and Goodbye

Our nephew Gunnar flew into Salt Lake on Tuesday evening. 
We were so excited to see him. So excited in fact that the kids were counting down the hours, minutes, etc. 
Randy and Gunnar didn't arrive home till after bedtime though, so the kids didn't get to spend the amount of time they would have liked with him. 

On wednesday morning, Randy took Gunnar with him to work, where he would then be picked up and taken to the MTC. He is going to serve his mission in Antofagasta, Chile.
We awoke and had breakfast with Gunnar before he left early that morning.
 He did have time to read the kids a book before he took off though. They loved it.
 We will miss Gunnar while he's gone. We are so glad the kids have a cousin as such a good example.
Bye Gunnar! Good luck!

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katester said...

I had fun catching up on your blog! Such cute kids! I cant believe you have 4!