Wednesday, October 31, 2012

FHE pumpikin carving

 We had a fun FHE on Monday. Carving pumpkins is always one of the kids favorite things to do.

Tyler's first attempt. He was pretty disappointed in it. But I think it looks pretty cool all lit up.
 Jacob's triple bat pumpkin
My pumpkin eating Lily's. I was going to "eat" Alyssa's, but I cut the hole too big. Lily was kind enough to forgo her princess pumpkin and share with me.
Tyler's second try. He did great! It isn't as easy as you might think for an eight year old to carve a pumpkin by himself.
 All of them on the steps. (There's no cheating at our house with tracing pre-made pictures!)
 Photo: The Jack-o-lanterns are ready.

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Heidi said...

Super Cute. I would love to say we caved our pumpkins but they are still sitting by the front door. Than again everyone but Doug has been sick so far this week.