Friday, October 26, 2012

Getting Crafty

For our Relief Society activity this week we made luminaries. They decided not to do a super saturday this year but still wanted a craft night. it was nice because the Relief Society provided everything we needed (vinyl, paint, glue, salt, accessories, etc) except for the jars. I decided to head to the DI and I found some pretty cool jars for a small price. I ended up buying all of my jars/bottles for under 5 dollars!

I made a Halloween luminary (they even gave us the LED tea lights inside) 
I also made a "potions" set for Halloween. I liked the cool bottles I found at the DI and most were only 25 cents.
 I found this gigantic jar for only $1! I made it into a Christmas luminary. I think it will look cool with a light inside.
 They had this "snow effect" where you paint your jar and then spray on some spray adhesive and roll the jar around in Epsom salt. I'm not sure if I like it or not, but I made one anyway with this jar I brought. I think I will be picking up salt that falls off all the time....
 It was fun to get my craft on with my friend Brittney.
I was cranky yesterday and needed a night out away from the kids surrounded by women, crafts, and cheesecake!

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