Monday, October 22, 2012

Following the Spirit, or Heather's home makeover

Randy and I have been wanting to move for a while now. We are busting out of this house and would like to live somewhere with a little more wiggle room. Anyway, so we were looking at houses and had an appointment to go look at a few of them that we liked. (Most were located in Eagle wood or Bountiful.) Anyway, as I was thinking about selling/cleaning out and taking photos of our house I got the distinct impression "Do not continue on this path you're on." It was such a sharp warning, that I couldn't ignore it even if I wanted to. Anyway, Randy and I prayed about it and have gotten the impression that we need to stay where we are for the time being. 
Needless to say, I am pretty disappointed by this turn of event.  I will follow Heavenly Father, but I'm doing so a little begrudgingly. I sort of turned into a "little princess" as Dave Ramsey says and told Randy that if I was being forced to stay here, then I wanted to make it a little more livable. 
Hence, our new home improvements/ makeovers.
This is a photo of our new Shed. oooohhh Ahhhhh! We can put our outside junk in and have a clutter free yard! This makes me SO SO SO happy!
Next on my list? our kitchen floor. doesn't this photo make you cringe a little? I have never liked it, but have lived with it for nearly 6 years now. I know, I know, poor me with my first world problems right?
Demolition time

I had to get a picture of Randy mopping our floor for the first time.

Randy hard at work installing our Allure flooring by Traffic master from good old Home Depot. I think it is pretty cool myself.

It is finished! Wahoo!!!
Randy admiring his work
I know I have put up entirely too many pictures, but I'm excited so I don't really care.
Lily likes it

It's good enough to play/lay on
Totally worth every penny of the 350 bucks! (oh BTW, the Home Depot said they didn't do any discounts and that buying at the store through them was as cheap as it gets. BUT, I bought the floor through Ebates on their website and got 3% cash back. It isn't much, but if I can save 15-20 dollars I'll do it! Plus, I got free shipping to our house.Also, I found online discount codes to use for $5 off a purchase of $50 or more. Saving is saving right?)

I love it! So now I have the two most important things checked off on my list. If you already didn't' know, Randy is the BEST husband ever!
Now for the kitchen cupboards.....

Oh, I threw in a video of Randy actually putting a piece of the floor down, for all those interested.


Grandpa and Grandma B said...

It sure looks beautiful - I was hoping to see how the new saw worked.

Nikki S said...

Wow! That makes me want to tackle our floor now. It looks amazing!

Joan said...

I can totally relate to wanting to move and not being able to. Some day you will know the reason why. Until then, you must move forward with faith knowing that He knows what is best for you and your family. Oh, and the floor looks great.

Ali said...

It looks wonderful! I'm so glad you like your floor now. You are going to want to spend all day in your kitchen!

city said...

thanks for sharing..