Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kids Halloween party!

We had a fun Kelloggs rice Krispies house party at our house today! We had the kids invite their friends. 
We played games
 we did a craft
We wore silly costumes (white trash baby)
We ate some goodies too!
 I am a little ashamed to admit that I haven't ever made rice krispies before. I know you are all thinking "how on earth can you be a mother of four children and have NEVER made them!?!" Well, I haven't until today. I made them into candy corns and they turned out adorable!

 I learned a lot though on how to make it right. I made two batches.
 color and measuring accurately make a huge difference! Hahaha
 The spread

basketball man (aka Tyler)  LOVED them.
Jake had his fake teeth in so he couldn't smile for the picture.
 Our fun group.

 Did I mention I LOVE Halloween?!

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Michelle said...

The rice crispy treats are so cute!! It makes me want to make some.