Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lily Says

Photo: Made baby bootie cupcakes yesterday for my sister's surprise baby shower. Thanks Paige for making my "clown Shoes" look more like booties 
I'm making conference breakfast (German pancakes, fruit and bacon) when I hear Jacob screaming downstairs. Lily shows up next to me crying and I ask her "what happened?" she says 'Jacob went uh uh uh' and it hurt!!" motioning with her hands him grasping her head and moving it from side to side.  Meanwhile Jacob is still screaming and crying in the basement.
Me: "What did YOU do?" 
Lily: "I just threw a car at him" she says defensively.
Me: " You CAN'T hurt him back when he hurts you! where did it hit him?"
Lily: "I threw it at his penis..." she smiles and finishes with "...and it worked!!"

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Lisa Peters said...

Gotta love a girl who can take care of herself